Fear and Loading


I guess need to preface this. It’s an anti-gun, anti-NRA video. But I they do show both sides and I feel the arguments for carrying far outweigh the arguments against.


Have this playing in the background, good stuff :+1:


It gets worse, then better


at the worse part now


Where did it get better? It’s full anti gun.


Aren’t you right next to her?


No. Called her though. But she screens my calls.


I didn’t think it was all anti gun. It showed both sides. And to me, the arguments for having the guns far outweigh the arguments against.




So sadly naive :cry:


Hit both buttons, then lets sign them up for a Jerry Springer full30 special.


Or steve wilco


I’m sorry I know what a Jerry Springer is.
And glad I don’t know what a Steve Wilco is.


Its where married couples fight with chairs on tv.


Why would they fight with chairs instead of each other?


Yeah. We like most of our chairs. And the ones we don’t we just kind of ignore.
Now the couch… that’s a different story. I hate the couch.


So you throw that at her and yell ,then it gets put on tv. That is pretty much Jerry Springer.


You can do both , you can throw him at the chair/couch or throw the chair/couch at him.


the biggest problem with that 100 times number is it is only comparing one type of homicide (611-2016) - a very good example is they used Canada - of all Homicides only slightly more than 1/3 were firearm related with almost as many were at the point of a knife or physical violence. what is even more revealing is Aboriginal people accounted for 24% (113M,29F)