I love Full30, and really hope to see it take off and be the amazing resource it looks like it could become. I’ve got a few observations from a little bit of usage:

  • Twitter - the twitter account hasn’t been used since 2015. Public announcements should be mirrored there
  • recaptcha - the recaptcha on /contact is using the old version and needs to be updated
  • search - the search could be a bit more powerful, though I haven’t reverse engineered what it’s doing. For instance, searching for “living room range” (without quotes) does not return - is it looking for full substring in video titles instead of tokenizing the search?
  • do content creators have any way to automatically mirror their content from youtube? I ask because two of the first channels I looked at were Demolition Ranch and C&Rsenal, both of which have recent youtube videos but the most recent vids on Full30 were April 2017.

I’m really excited about Full30 and I’m glad there’s a place for content creators to be outside the reach of youtube


2nd on the reCaptcha - I wanted to upload videos from my YouTube to here but I can’t contact Full30 support because the reCaptcha needs to be upgraded to version 2.

Admins, any updates and or assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Is full30 going be just guns and gear reviews or is there going to be stuff like USPSA, SASS and 3 gun videos maybe from the big events? How about training videos? All ive really seen is gear reviews and some basic cleaning instruction.