Feedback on .450 Bushmaster


@RogueGunnWorks give us your .02 on a 450bushmaster that’s what I’m thinking to do next.

Keeping spares and keeping your rifle going long term

I personally think the 450 Bushmaster is a big cartridge. But allows you to run around with your AR having a great close range cartridge. I get it, but at the same time… I am a 12 gauge guy. Love SABOT rounds and I love a 12 gauge in an auto or pump.
I think the main thing that turns me off a bit with the 450 Bushmaster is cost per round. If you are hunting, especially in heavy brush, great round with some awesome penetration. Second is the recoil. If you have your AR set up for that much recoil, ok. But a shotgun is designed for that much from the get go.
So… I totally understand it, think it would be great if I was in Hog hunting territory, but I am not personally so… I will stick with a radical 12 gauge. Hahhahhahaa


Hey thanks for the feedback on this, another on my my wish list is the Mossberg 530 so I can understand the shotgun side of it.


You mean the 930? They are a good shotgun. Not bad recoil either.


Yes that’s what I mean. :crazy_face: <—- me when it’s early am.


I’ve been tossing the idea of .45 Rapture on an AR10 build


the .450 will certainly be more affordable all the way around :+1:

& Badass


Did you mean .45 raptor?



Yeah, your write :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


450 is cheap to shoot…you can easily cast your own hard cast bullets for pennies…prime and powder cost is no different for it than any other cartridge…hard cast bullets will leave big holes going in and big holes going out…