Feeling unmotivated to train? Here's some inspiration

When you’re pushing to get better at something, it often gets difficult to keep up the motivation to get working. Sometimes that lack of motivation is an off week, sometimes it’s just a few off minutes sitting on the couch not wanting to get up and put on the gun belt to train.

When I run into these situations, I like to watch footage from skilled shooters out there and use that as motivation to get better. Here’s some instagrams of shooters I like to watch as motivation - there’s usually things to learn about shooting fast on top of that!





Keep motivated! The only way to get better is to actually put in the work!


Thanks for the links.
The best way I know to stick with it is to get into the habit of doing what is needed in a regular routine.
Eventually, it will become a part of one’s life and nearly impossible not to do it.

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I rarely go two days without training. I was out of town all last week and by the time I made it back into town I was really itching to get back into training as it had been so long.

Gotta build the habits and establish priorities.