Fighting for freedom, From Hong Kong to Chile, people want we are giving up

So I have been following what is happening in Hong Kong, Chile, Mexico, Venezuela etc…
One thing is MASSIVELY clear… never give up your gun rights.






When you are using bows to fight for freedom against communism that is using firearms and flash bangs… you want freedom at any cost


I fucking want these people to become Americans and ship out all of the far left / socialists / communists the hell outta here.


Where is Hong Kong Phooey when you need him?




Wow, what an image. And with a gas mask, too.


The HK protesters are nothing more than Antifa-styled thugs. Do you even know what they are “fighting” for? Mostly, the right to bully, maim, kill, protest, and basically, do whatever the hell they want, without being punished at all (yes, their list of 5 demands covers this, essentially).

They have done billions of dollars of damage to HK property and commerce. All for what? Their original complaint was resolved months ago. So, they made up some more just so they could keep doing what they had been doing (and by their reckoning, get away with doing it).

I spend a lot of time in HK and daily (when I am there), have to check the news to see if it is currently safe to go where I want to go. Why? Because of these stupid protesters. They have a habit of severely harming (beating up all the way to killing), anyone that disagrees with them. I could probably fend off a couple of them, but certainly not hundreds or thousands.

Fortunately, the HK government is starting to step up their efforts (oh so slightly, so far), so there is a little progress (nearly 3,000 of the protesters have been arrested). Hopefully, law and order will be restored soon. But, please, don’t think for a second that any of these protesters would make good Americans!


Well, the US government has just issued some statement disagreeing with you.
But that is really what this comes down to. You have to right to speak and post your thoughts on Hong Kong.
They are loosing those basic freedoms due to China’s continuing aggression and crackdown upon the freedoms of the citizens there.
I watch over an hour of video and reporting a day about Hong Kong and have to disagree about your assessment of them (protesters) being the same as antifa.


what, exactly, do you disagree with me regarding the protesters? I speak from eye witness, not thru someone else’s propagandist’s views.

regarding our government’s view, it is politically motivated. our government has many times shown its distaste for communist China and its influence on HK. This distaste has colored their views of the protesters - allowing them to do whatever they want, as long as they mouth freedom-loving phrases.

So, for example, you think it is ok for these bullies to kill people that disagree with them? They have done that. For example, a 70 year old man was killed by them (they threw a brick at his head and killed him), for merely complaining about them in person. Another man with similar circumstance, had a flammable liquid thrown on his upper body and then was set on fire by them. He is currently in the hospital fighting for his life. That is ok by you?

There was a mother and her small children sleeping in their home that could have easily died had some passersby (not protesters), rescued them from the fire set by the protesters (originating at the small business below their apartment that grew to engulf their home). So this fire risking these innocent people’s lives - who had done nothing to the protesters or anyone else, that is ok?

What about the countless small business owners whose shops have been trashed, burned, destroyed, or disrupted, just to give the protesters something to demonstrate their resolve?

I suggest you rethink this!


Perception is formed by more than eye witness events, factor in MSM, peer pressure, values, we could have the guy in the apartment next to you contradict you 100%

Stay safe


First off, that entre “guy on fire” was not proven. No local hospital took him in. Like many false flags, it didn’t seem to go with the narrative.
Police are beating the shit out of people, sending tear gas into residential apartments, etc.
As for the 70 year old, didn’t hear about that one.
What I am seeing is live coverage from reporters on the ground. I am seeing with my own eyes what they are doing and the people they are interviewing.
And, yes… fuck the God damn communist. What’s wrong with that?
I have ZERO love for China’s government. ZERO
So as you like to point out, yeah… what about the book store owners who were swept away in the middle of the night because they were selling books that went against the communist party?
What about all the people arrested and taken to main land China for "education " when the Chinese government promised that Hong Kong would be able to deal with their own?
That is what helped start this entire issue in the first place. China took over Hong Kong after the British government left. That was an agreed upon act that was set into motion well over 100 years ago. Many left. China promised not to interfere with the workings of Hong Kong, but after 10 years they did… just as many predicted they would.
So you can nitpick isolated instances all you like. The fight for freedom is a human right.
I have to say, your arguments damn near sound like you are on the far left. No, I am not trying to be rude, but that is what it comes off as. China’s history should be enough to outrage anyone with any sense of what true freedom is.


I would trade ALL of the Chinese protesters for ALL of the communist in the USA…


And if they are a paid Asian ANTIFA orchestrating the same agenda what have you netted?

I don’t see a difference in the two groups, both are held up by the media yet do nothing positive

However, what I see is just what the MSM presents, I just factor in historical staged events which makes the possibility what MSM presents is the same spin as before, BS.


Pay attention to the details…
First off… these are NOT protesters…
How do we know this?
First off, police batons are about as illegal as firearms in Hong Kong…
Do not be doped by false flags and propaganda media that pushes for the communist regime


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A week or so ago, I noticed some social media posts from Chinese people that were heavily critical of the Hong Kong protestors.

They were claiming that the protestors are nothing more than thugs and terrorists, and that this is proven by the fact that they are wearing masks. I eventually saw one replying to the point that some of the Hong Kong police have been wearing masks while dealing with the protests, by claiming that the protestors had been threatening to harm the families of any police officers they identified, so the police were justified in hiding their faces to protect themselves and their families.

Besides the claim of masks = thugs and terrorists being repeated over and over, another common claim is that even though people in the US are critical of the Hong Kong police officer that shot an unarmed protestor in the chest, US police would have handled things far worse. They are claiming that since US police shoot so many unarmed ‘people of color’ with no consequences for doing so, that US police would have started shooting protestors much sooner, and shot many more protestors, if they had to deal with masked protestors throwing rocks, breaking store windows, and setting fires.

There’s definitely some spin going on.