Figured out my problem.

Then again I am the overly religious about keeping the firearm clean type. Because without fail, I always clean them after shooting them. Like with any old truck. If you take good care of it, it’ll take good care of you.


Yeah I sometimes have to hold myself back. I can’t stand a dirty one either. A product of early training I guess.

Pistols not such a big deal, but some rifles seem to like being dirty girls. Others are prima donnas. I always try to snake them hot and wipe em all down either way and keep enough rounds down the bores to keep em happy.


I know thats right. There is one pistol that we have that is an absolute priss when it gets dirty. It is hypersensitive to any sort of gunk or buildup. It is an absolute pinpoint accurate handgun. Yet it seems to demand to be cleaned after every couple mags.

But yeah. Kinda why I like that revolver of mine. Admittedly I am more of a revolver person than I am an auto person. The sheer level of low maintenance required for the revolver is absolutely astounding. Granted I have not practiced with it for a long time. But that is only because the ammo is extremely pricey. It is by far my favorite to shoot.


A few military long range guys told me running a few passes with a bore snake and a little lube is all you need for the barrel to avoid wearing it out early so I keep the guts clean and just run a few passes on the barrels. I do about the same for pistols too and it seems to work for my limited round counts.