Final 80% 1911 Build 10 Video Playlist


Can’t build on 80% frames anymore in CA. At least I don’t know how… So I give you a final build where I made a custom RMR saddle for the slide.

Once again, the mini mill was super handy…


This is heartbreaking :broken_heart:




As always great videos. Question I seen you file in sights on a bald slide before, do you think RMR saddle could be filled in without a mill ? Also thinking of your 2011 build, cost wise are more or less than 1911 ? Not up with CA laws are 80% not legal anymore ?


Almost everything can be done with a file. Rotary tools will do the rest.

I should have gone a different way with my saddle. Maybe some day I will make a video on that too.

With 2011s you can easily go higher than 1911 if you go for a steel or aluminum grip. Other than that costs are pretty much the same.