Finally bought a Sig

but keeping with buy from every other country than the US (of all my firearms I only have one Made in the USofA - my Armalite M15a2).

made back in the day of two Germanys

But wait what is in this box

remember we get our guns mailed to us

nothing like a box within a box

Well Wooo Wee (in my best Nighthawk Medic voice) could it be a US made firearm
BTW ignore the CT33 next it.

not just any old Sig but a M17, not to be confused with the P320/M17

and first imptessions
Had I been handed the box with a brand new M!7 I would be beside myself - but after a few minutes of dry firing I would be wishing for my M9 to be back in my holster.
My first experience was with the P320/M17 and managed to lock it up tight and render it unfireable. Well the M17 didn’t disappoint - when pulling the slide to the rear and letting go it would not completely go into battery 2 out of 5 times. In it’s defense the thing is bone dry, but doesn’t let lend any confidence when you haven’t even chambered a round and the slide doe not go into battery.
Than after stripping it and reassemble unable to put the mag back in. Seems I have to have the slide locked back when inserting the mag right after reassemble.
You would think that of only 5000 made the QC would be outstanding and beyound reproach

Shooting and video to follow.


Bought my wife a German made sig 226


A days run :grin:

I’ve had some 500 run pieces that convinced me the only thing special was the low numbers :man_shrugging:


Haha!!! You just made my day. You have no idea how much I love sigs! You made a good choice. Can’t wait to hear how it shoots. These things are meticulously made and tried before they ever hit a store shelf. You’re going to love it.


My bad, this one isn’t a single double. This one is just a double if I recall but it will still have a better trigger reset point than most


Someone mentions their first Sig. @Joe be like, “Mmmmm…hmm”:




German Sigs are going to go up in value now that the German plan has shut down. SO that’s an awesome thing for you!


But they will fix it…
Amazes how they can put out some stellar weapons but then turn around and foist the beta testing onto an unsuspecting public, love my Sigs…except a jam-O-matic P716 I have.


SIG: when you want to buy a new gun from a company who wants you to pay an additional $50 in overnight shipping charges 3 separate times in order to repair a gun they should have shipped out working correctly the first time. “Hell and back reliability.” Should be: “Hell and back customer service.”

Sorry to hear about your SIG…at least the old steel one won’t let you down. That was back when SIG really did make a quality weapon.


Well now that I have what Beretta submitted for trials I will be doing a head to head comparison between the M17 and possible what they should have accepted.

The Beretta APX

Oh did I mention it just showed up in the mail?
Will also be pitting the WGerman P226 just compare old tech to new.
Will be using Win WB 124 Nato.


You’re gonna love that APX @srdiver. I would recommend the grip without finger grooves though -made me a true believer! :alien:

Dang braggart! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Not into handguns, but do have ONE. A Sig P220 from Deutschland, the pro shop in 2010.

Will not ever buy anything else.