Finally it is over & Sig Won

Now what are the final details?

Ammo is supposed to be produced by Winchester at Lake City, but it will be Sig’s Cartridge.


I read an article that the big worry now is ammo, since this is first new caliber in over 50 years the new tooling and setup to produce what is deemed correct functioning ammo suitable for all traing and combat is going to take some time to perfect. I would guess it will be years before new rifles and ammo is mainstream within all branches of military.


Add to that this…


Should this make me happy, or concerned that now what will no doubt become opposition forces to the freedom fighters of America will have an improved way to kill us? If you think this is an exaggeration then you may want to take a closer look at what is going on. Like a gov that KNOWS a massive food shortage is coming and is doing everything it legally can to make sure it happens and nothing to stop it. Do we really need to talk about fuel costs etc.

I have seen the enemy and it is DC.


Along that line of thought. Lets ruminate on the actual cause of this. Remember, there are No Conspiracies, there are No Coincidences, there are Executed Operational Plans and they are real.


That would for sure be one of the steps that are being taken to accomplish their ends. Ridiculous fuel prices, no support to improve the fertilizer situation, deliberately turning what should have been a Russia Ukraine thing into an international Chit show, allowing China to buy up 40 % of commodities shares for the last few years, reducing and effectively removing national stock piles of food stuffs. These are not the acts of a friendly group towards another they are the acts of enemies of We The People!!!
I honestly hope I am 100000000% wrong on this but the gauge is pointing in the opposite direction.