Finish favorite


I like a parkerized finish on my handguns. I like the durability, ease of maintainance and the appearance of it.

What’s your favorite finish?


I like Wilson Combat’s Armor Tuff finish. I swear by Wilson and am extremely brand loyal (Wilson and Primary Weapons Systems).


I usually just keep them stock or spray paint some Camo on them.


paint over park. think the original AK.


I dont know much on the history of the AK, was it spray painted?


The 3 nicest handguns ive ever seen were custom built by Wilson , there was a Beretta 92, Browning Hi Power and A BCM 1911. The Hi Power was the smoothest shooting and the prettiest IMO.


Yeah they parkerized all the metal in a hot tank, washed and dried all the parts and then painted them for an extra layer of protection.


If you’re going to DIY, I applied Cerakote after I parkerized a CZ 75 (bought as a box of pieces). I couldn’t be happier with how it’s holding up.


I have done that to around 7-8 firearms, the price is better with paint. Paint also wears more and everyone now wants that “ battle field” look now.


It’s more economical with paint for sure, but it was my first bead blast/park/paint ever. Nothing beats saying you did it yourself! As for the battlefield pickup look… yeah I don’t understand that. To each their own.

Anyway, my Cerakote has held up with nary a scratch and it’s been 6 years. I didn’t think I would be impressed but I was. I recommend it as a finish if you are 1) NOT ruining an antique and 2) feel confident enough to do it yourself.


Yeah it sure turns out nice. As far as the battlefield look. I just use my rifles and they end up looking like that in time. If your doing the blasting I recommend granite in the 350-250 range. It puts a really nice sheen and texture to them. The aluminum oxide wears out to fast.


I like the Cerakote on my SOT ar15. I powdercoat, tho I have not done anything firearm related…yet ;). I really beat the hell out of my AR and it looks like new .


Here are a few that I cerakoted.


Favorite to look at is an arsenic case hardened.

Favorite to own and carry is Melonite/Nitride.


@Stumpkiller, You sir, did a fantastic job!!


For all you guys that rattle can, what do you use? I’ve been thinking of Krylon-ing over an Arsenal SAM7, as I’ve known about their factory paint issues.


A base coat of aluma-hyde2 and a contrast of rust-oleum works out for me.


Ironically enough Arsenal does that because that’s how the original AK47 was treated, paint over park. It’s not really an issue unless you do 5-30round mag dumps. The paint has nothing to hang on to at 600+ degrees.
Not as much of an issue because it is still parkarized under the paint, and they get to hot to hold on to at that temp.


Huh, I didn’t know that. I don’t plan on wasting mags like a child, but with how well yours came out, I’ll have to try my own.