Fire Mission: Op. Hawg Gratitude


Get your 10-Hog on here

Let’s give Thanks to all service men and women serving away from their families this Holiday season; if you have a care package address/destination you can share which is not Op-Sec sensitive, spill it, along with what that crew would like most for creature comforts from home. If you do not want to openly share it, shoot me a PM with the address, I’ll figure it out.


I’ve never seen an A10 with wings swept back like that, whats up with that?


no sound now to listen but curious as hell about that


Yes Sir, IIRC Boeing was doing a multi-stage wing replacement program. It’s feasible we have several iterations of the A-10 beyond the classics of A-C, II, etc…


Or contain bacon jerky…


camera lens distortion due to the curve of the canopy



I hadn’t considered that , some extreme distortion right there


the fact that the under wing hard points are not parallel to airframe is a give away - perspective distortion due to lens aperture (and curved canopy doesn’t help).