Firearm Photography & More With Yamil Sued

Yamil is an AWESOME dude and we had a great conversation for Firearm Friday about firearm photography, old school media and more.


He was on the forum at one time . All he did was complain about not getting his videos posted like he wanted . And he did not seem to have any sense of humor. He got mad easy you couldn’t joke with him or critisize his videos. I never saw one that he said anything negative about any guns he reviewed so I don’t even look at them anymore.


he is definitely a fun guy, in person… lots get lost in translation here without being able to see one’s facial expressions, hear a tone of voice, that sorta thing. first and foremost he is a photographer, not a YouTuber. guessing you didn’t listen to the podcast or you would know that. to project things onto a reviewer that never says anything negative it not always fair and let me explain why. so what if i am at SHOT Show and i get to play around with an amazing widget, i love the thing, i broker a deal with the company to do some T&E, it all tests out fine under my parameters… am i expected to make up something bad? knit pick? that said, i usually do knit pick when i do review types stuff, i also get heat for suggesting possible alternative uses where what I consider significant issues might not be a big deal. it is just the way i work. but still, i strive to work with companies and products that are good and reputable, for the most part. so odds are i am never going to see a time i have a T&E project that yields a scathing review of negativity and hatred. plus, honestly, the majority of viewers are watching for confirmation bias anyway. they have either made the purchase or have already made the choice to purchase and they just want to confirm they are making the right choice. funny thing is, only THEY can really make that call. then you have some creators that buy the stuff they review, they buy good stuff and so yeah, obviously there isn’t going to be much negative in what they say. i doubt you walk around all day pointing out the negatives and drawbacks of all the products in your home you have purchased, right? at the end of they day, this is online, can we be semi quasi friends and build some trust, sure, but we have to as viewers, yes i am a viewer, learn to understand how some of these channels operate as well as the whys behind those tactics. AND SOME ARE JUST DIRTBAGS #demorachhateskids :slight_smile: BAHAHAHAHAHAHA or maybe MUHAHAHAHAHA


I had good personal experience with Yamil but your assessment is easy to see , however, Ctac’s assessment is also easy to see

So I may have read it all wrong, I do that, where we find the the truth is in a persons ability to remain, or return, despite being affronted, either bury the hatchet and make nice or ignore the offending party(s) and make nice with others, its a growing community no sense in abandoning IMO

Man, quasi is bad enough, now its semi quasi. going down hill fast


LOL, i have been LUCKY enough to actually meet a TON of people from online, once you meet them face to face, most of the petty misunderstanding stuff stops for sure because you can actually get a true sense of who that person is. the same can be said in a sense for just having a phone or live chat conversation.

but yes, you are 100% here, gotta stay as open minded as possible and try to give the benefit of the doubt if something sounds off. that is hard to do, even for me and i am PERFECT… BAHAHAHAHA