Firearms makers saying "no" to dicks sporting goods


Thought you all would like this news. I’m liking this trend. Let’s see how this affects their bottom line.


It’s hard to feel bad for Dicks.


I don’t. F them. :neutral_face:


I would say f*** dicks but it might send the wrong message. This is good news though hopefully we see more of this.


Great news! I hope every gun manufacturing company, hell, every company related to the outdoors, severs ties with the DICK’S!


The pro 2A people need to start using propaganda, you could easily hire Lorena Bobbit then do a “Cut dicks off” type of thing.


We need to start pressuring any ammo/gun manufacturer who still does business with Dick’s to stop now. If they want to continue to do business with Dick’s, then we won’t do business with them. Let’s get a list of the companies!


Firearms actually have a fairly low profit margin. What needs to happen is ammo companies need to step up. Not to mention all the extra stuff, optics, holsters, slings, all the little stuff is where they make their money.



You are hilarious!



Let’s give the chain reaction some time to build. We are seeing it get bigger and bigger. Mossberg dropping out of the Dick’s scene is big as Dick’s has always significantly stocked Mossberg shotguns. And yes, I have been a frequent shopper at Dick’s, but no more.



Love the humor - keep it coming, please.


Ouch . . . :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Good / it gives the small -mom pop store more business / No dicks for me /You have to give mossberg a lot of credit



Actually, it may be that they also mention Dick’s as a company that went out of business trying to support the anti-gunners.


I never cared for their overpriced stuff anyway. Additionally, they never had stuff in stock that they advertised. No great loss. FU*K Dicks…and every other politically correct organization.


There are plenty of retailers out there who will HAPPILY take up Dick’s/Field&Stream’s lost sales. I hope Dick’s /Field&Stream fails in dramatic fashion.
That would send a message to other retailers that there is profit in standing-up for your patrons… I suddenly want to rush out and buy a High Point!


Hell yea! Let’s make sure we spread the word to stop shopping with these places.


Hmmm lets see Sears, K-Mart now Dick’s could be a trend Sears quit selling firearms… failed business… K-Mart then became largest firearms “gunstore” then stopped selling firearms… failed business now too. Looks to be a trend to me.


Lets just hope this trend continues. Besides, Dick’s has always been WAY overpriced on not just firearms when compared to Academy. Hell, we bought a revolver cheaper at the notoriously expensive Cabela’s because it was cheaper than Dick’s (and Academy at the time).


I’ve never taken Dick’s seriously for firearms. Now, it’s just another reason to shop at a local gun shop. Too bad though, going to have to find somewhere new to get gym attire.