Firearms training using defense ammo


How often do you practice with your carry ammo? There are some good reasons for you to.


Everytime. I also end the day by taking 3 shots without eye or ear protection as that will be how i am if it happens i have to use it.


I used to practice my bow hunting with broadheads…does that count?


Daring…and smart :sunglasses:


It makes a HUGE difference. First time i did it i almost missed my second shot lol. I think people forget to think how the noise might affect them.


Now that’s funny


Whenever I’m teaching a person new to firearms
I always make them fire there new gun without ear pro
Depending on what pistol I’m carrying I ussualy fire a magazine of my carry rounds



I used to do very similar - purposely shooting some without eye or ear protection.

Nowadays, I wear glasses (prescription lenses), and have tinnitus.

You may want to rethink the shooting without hearing protection so often.


i wouldnt say so often lol. I drive a truck as an owner so i dont get home too often. But yeah,if you are going every week i would limit it to about once every other month. And i only take three shots like that.



from what I have read…

pretty much all rifle calibers are so loud that even a single shot causes permanent hearing damage.

for handgun calibers: breaking the 130 db seems to be the threshold for permanent hearing loss, which includes only the more powerful rounds (higher end .357 mag, .41 mag, .44 mag, .50 AE, .460 S&W, .500 S&W (special and mag); and a few other rounds - are all too loud to be shooting without hearing loss - even 1 shot.

you might get by shooting .22 lr, .22 mag, .380 acp, .38 special, 9 mm, .40 S&W, .44 special, .45 acp, and/or .45 Colt. Those calibers produce some hearing loss, but it may not be permanent.

still, it is generally advisable to use hearing protection with every gunshot, even the .22 lr.

and let me tell you: tinnitus is no fun. By the way: from what I have heard - once it sets in, there is no cure for it. I have had it for over 20 years now and would rather you don’t get it at all.


Amen to that.
I’ve got it in both ears but my left ear far worse. Oddly for about a couple hours last week I had silence. So unusual that it was instantly noticeable. Hoped maybe it was gone for good. No such luck. Woke to it the next morning.
Varies in intensity but always there.
Still never had any doctor able to tell me what it is. Fact is they don’t know.


I only practice with my carry ammo few times a year.i rotate out the 3 mags on me every 6 monthes.then shoot that ammo at the range


Yeah, you might want to rethink that.
It’s possible to completely recover from those rounds fired without ear protection, but maybe not.
Do you want to chance it?


yeah it will be ok. I figure if its not caused a problem in 20 years ill be fine on out.


It does depend on the type of firearm.
Probably don’t want to do that with a loud cracking rifle.
I once ran and entire course of fire (18 rounds firing as fast a the .45 pistol would go) with full hearing recovery by the next day.
My hearing protection muffs fell off after the very first round.
Quite a surprise, but real men just keep on a-going,even when continuing falls somewhere between dumb and stupid…


Not worth it. You don’t realize how much you will miss silence until you can never have silence again.

Not cool.


I understand your thinking and respect it
Most people are buying and learning to use firearms for self defense and home defense
Real world training is essential
What are you going to tell a rapist or attacker while in your home or car
Please let me put my ear pro on before I shoot you
I have seen people drop a loaded weapon after there first shot without ear pro
The reality of knowing what it will do to you is just a reality of training


I train enough that if I did have to shoot without ear pro it would not startle me. And if I were ever in a situation that was life and death the sensory exclusion will more than likely have kicked in so if I even hear any sounds they will be muffled. More than likely the adrenaline dump is going to be harder for me to contend with as that is not something civilians that live in the suburbs have a lot of opportunity to train on.


I train with my carry ammo when I rotate mags once or twice a year and always wear hearing protection. Having shot all my life and worked around metal working machines for 40 plus years I value my hearing.


My ears rung for days after shooting a great buck from inside my ground blind. Buckfever kicked in & my dumb ass didn’t make sure the muzzle was out the window. although still not as bad as the partial damage in my left ear from when my airbag in my truck went off some years back, those damn things are dangerous!