Firearms you despise, but everyone likes


Alright gents, we know what obscure pieces everyone likes. But what about the industry standards that you can’t stand? I’m interested to see where the current community’s ire is pointed.

To start, I dislike the M9. Locking block mechanism is awful, it’s needlessly big and bulky for what it does, the safety is obnoxious, and I’ve seen at least 6+ fail in the same amount of range trips. Simply put, the M9 is a gun that people like when they don’t carry it.

But that’s just me, what about you? Keep it civil, no one is here to twist anyone else’s shorts.


I could of sworn I also created a similar topic? Must be a popular subject.


I’m going to go with The controlled claw extractor or Mauser claw extractor.
I still shoot and love the rifles, but it would be nice when in a pinch to just be able to toss a single round in the chamber and close the bolt.
The CZ, ruger, Winchester 70, and others share this design.


Don’t like Ruger Sr pistols .The safety is too small and hard to use.


Sorry if I recovered your topic, I didn’t happen to see it.


No worries! Just shows you how popular this topic is. :cowboy_hat_face:


I thought their 1911 was pretty standard, What else is proprietary?


You and I can be friends! Agree with almost everything you said there…well, the .45 is still an ok handgun round, preferable to the .40 (imho), and I think some 1911’s are alright looking (Commander sized, without accessory rail). But yeah…overpriced, unreliable boat anchors!


Glock, any model of a Glock (only because you need 20 characters to post)


AR pistols are as ugly as wacky maxine waters


I do not like the Beretta 92 anything. The decocker specifically. I despise it so much I cannot put it into words. The rest of the platform I can do without too. Personal preference though.


Well not all AKs are communist, I can see why he would be offended. There is also Polish,German and American AKs …which would almost make them socialist.


Sorry buddy :grinning: - I just cant get past the buffer tube on a “pistol”. Old school/fool here.

Если бы не Россия - Европа говорила бы по-немецки.

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My newest, favorite and only since 1980. Still goes toe to toe with the new kids on the block.:sunglasses: