Firing pin power???

Do not do this. It is for entertainment purposes only!

Ok here’s the tools.

Here’s the set up.

So! We have all the pistols striker, and hammer fired loaded with a No2 pencil, and try to measure the striking force.

All of the slide angles will be the same at 10 degrees.

Average of 3 tries.
Glock model 17. 15.5”
CZ 85 combat. 114”
XD service model. 91”
CZ P10c. 0”
Sig 229 tac ops. 29”
Beretta M9A3. 22”
Walther PPQ. 0”
CZ P09. 0”
HK USP. 16”
CZ SP01 Tactical. 0”
And for the 1911 guys-
Sig scorpion. The furthest with a 164”!!!

I will be honest That was suppressing to me. Some of the hammer fire guns the pencil didn’t even exit, and a few of the striker fired pistols got impressive numbers!

At any rate this is not a test of the true force the firing pin has, and you could argue that the test only proves the firing pin “stick out” length. In any event it was a quick fun test that you could try to make bets on.

What did you think?
Have you ever ran a test like this?
What did you like about it, or not?
Leave a post and remember be safe, and have fun!


Too cold to play outside ?:grin:


Yeah it’s zero today.


It’s nothing degrees here, too. Reloading weather!


Yeah, that or good gun lube testing weather!!!


This procedure will tell if the firing pin has enough power to eject a pencil, but not necessarily enough to ignite a primer.
The easiest way to check for that is use an empty case with a live primer.
If the chamber is correctly sized for the cartridge, the primer will go pop.
If the chamber is not correct the case and primer might just be shoved forward.
As usual, life is complicated.


I actually considered doing that today, but quickly changed my mind after stepping outside. LOL


I don’t blame you for that Brother!


Fail. No Star BM test done. Though be careful they firing pins are made of glass. :wink:

In all seriousness great topic! I did this with my Canik but didn’t measure and didn’t do the 10 degrees thing. I’ll do it again and upload the video.


A simple exercise for “trained professionals” that can challenge way into the night. I am impressed with the skill level required and yes the actual material quality of the pencil. May need to test the trigger pull to factor distance of the regulation #2 pencil. Does there need to be an eraser?


No need to go outside in the winter cold to test an empty case with primer.
Just stick your finger in your ear.
Oh, you’ll need two fingers.
Hmm, but then you’ll be one finger short, one for your ear and one for the trigger.
So you’ll need a volunteer to stick a finger in the other ear.
Sometimes, life is just too complicated.


If one is flexible enough, they can substitute a toe to replace said missing finger for other ear. See, simple solution, problem solved! You’re welcome…


Is there any control for variances in the pistols’ bores? There may be enough friction difference between different bores to change ejection.


A valid point, and one to consider. The HK, Glock, and PPQ have polygonal rifling. The PPQ was 0”, the HK usp was 16”, and the Glock was 15.5”.
I don’t know if there is anything to take away from this, but like I said the point you bring up is a valid question.