First 2011 Build project

This is going to be my first build I started buying parts for it a while ago after watching some of the Mosin Virus videos. I’m not in a big hurry and I am getting the tools as I go so this will probably take a while. I’ve decided to build this gun in 38 supercomp. I think I want to run an RMR on a mount instead of on the slide, I think I’ll have to make a mount or have one made since the competition guys are not really using the RMR. I messaged AlexIPSC about making an RMR version but he never got back to me.

Here’s the style of mount I’d like to go with.

I’m going to start on the slide to frame fit tonight.


Looks like a great start. Keep us in the loop.


I’m looking forward to your progress on this build
I have a 2011 frame and slide sitting here as well I might wait till next winter to build it though


Very interested in this thread!


So, here’s the parts I have so far:

STI 38 bald slide
KKM .355 barrel (Clark/Para)
EGW link set
Aftec extractor
Dawson extended firing pin
EGW custom angle cut thick bushing (I ordered two both are over sized to the frame one is cut to fit the barrel and the other was ordered slightly smaller than the barrel because I wanted to keep my options open on getting a tight lock up by potentially lapping the end of the barrel down to fit the smaller size perfectly. I think I should be able to get away with a tight fit on the bushing without springing the barrel because it’s cut at an angle. Potentially I’d like to have a lockup like the Springfield FBI guns have, that’s the goal anyway.)
A selection of Wolff variable power recoil springs (8,9,10,11&12lb)
10-8 performance recoil rod
EGW thick recoil spring plug
Manny Dot front sight
Novak LMC01U rear sight (not sure how or if these sight will work if I end up running an RMR)

Phoenix Trinity Frame
PT Grip
PT grip "safety"
PT mainspring housing
Brazos tuned ejector
Doug Koeing Hammer
EGW hard sear/disconnector
EGW titanium hammer strut, Mainspring housing cap
Brazos tuned sear spring
17lb hammer spring
X-line flat trigger (I ordered the long and it was too long so I think I’m going to get a medium or possibly short trigger shoe. A flat trigger feels a lot longer than a curved one. I have the curved STI polymer trigger on my para and it always felt a bit short for me. )
EGW pin set
EGW Slide stop (this fits pretty well but I’m considering going to an oversized slide stop pin and OD & ID lapping to get as close to perfect geometry and fit as I can. Might be too ambitious for my first build but I priced various cast iron laps from American Lap co and I’m probably going to end up trying it.)

Still need/TBD:

Thumb safety (single side)
Grip screws
mag catch
Magazines (leaning toward SVI mags but I have to look into it more)
Optic Mount?


So the Slide is on, not bad for a first attempt I think. The slide isn’t loose but it has a tiny amount of rock. It’s fine, I’m sure, but I was hoping to do a bit better. I’m considering having it acc-u-railed. Think I should get the slide lightening done before or after acc-u-rail?


Looks like this will be a sweet build.



Don’t do that just yet. I mean jump to accu-rails.
How do you plan to finish the pistol? Certain finishes will add quite a bit of dimension.


Originally I thought I’d go with a DLC finish but I think nitrocarburizing might be a better option. I seem to remember you using nitro on one of your builds but I can’t remember which one.


Yup, build 4 I had finished in melonite. It wouldn’t go back together so I had to re-fit parts together. So depending on how much clearance you have it may be perfect after nitrocarburizing. It adds about 0.0004" per surface, meaning a total of 0.0016" of change in how two parts fit togetger.

But, I also wanted to try hard chrome. Never did because the build I thought was loose still needed to be opened up to ensure it would go back together. And as far as I understand the applicator can control how much chrome gets added, and can seriously add to the dimensions.

Just something to consider.


Oh I should also mention that I am not all that impressed with Ionbond DLC.

It is vapor deposited, so some areas will be better coated than others. And parts seem to be hung using wire, so no finish is deposited where the wire was.

For example of finish durability as far as uneven application,the slide externally is perfect. Internally, finish is wearing as it is contacted by the barrel, however the barrel (external) is not affected at all.


Interesting, it sounds like DLC isn’t as great as it’s cracked up to be. I like the idea of the hardness and low friction but I was watching some corrosion tests on youtube and DLC didn’t do as well as I thought it would. From what I’ve read Tenifer/melonite/nitride is supposed to out perform hardchrome in corrosion resistance.

Any tips about fitting parts for melonite?


Assuming your gun was fit precisely, I would think controlled lapping of the frame to slide with 1200 grip lapping compound would introduce needed clearance.

But you mentioned you had slop already. May already have the clearance.

Same with barrel bushing to slide and barrel to barrel bushing.

Oh and absolutely make sure that the bore has no copper in it. Clean with copper remover. That is assuming you will treat the barrel too. Yes, melonite will make the bore tighter, they don’t plug the barrels. My build 4 runs like a champ though.


Found pictures of the IonBond wear.

Look at the rear of the hood on the barrel (no wear)

Top of the barrel (slight wear near locking lugs)

Now look at the slide (sorry it was dirty after the range, but you can clearly see the finish wear)


@Kipp, my goal is one day to build a firearm like that…but for now I’ll sit back and watch you pros take on the feat…cheers!


I wouldnt wait too long. They may ban self built guns all together.