First 50

Finally got a chance (and the ambition) to actually sit down and use the new reloading setup. First box of 50 rounds are done. I should have bought a turret press YEARS ago and I probably wouldn’t have given up on reloading for the time I did.

4.6 gr of Titegroup
115 gr FMJ
Winchester SPP

Checked the powder weight on my Lyman digital scale for EVERY round because I don’t trust this cheap ass Lee powder measure. It’s the one thing they REALLY got wrong. I plan to replace it soon. Although, I will admit that once I got it dialed in, the weights were fairly consistent. I just miss the ability to top fill them like the old ones used to. This “baby bottle” design sucks.

Used my calipers to measure the length on the first 5 and then every 5th one after that. Everything stayed well within tolerance there. I never really cared much when I was reloading revolver rounds. Semi auto ammo is a different duck though.

I did have a couple of mishaps. First was the Lyman scale. I didn’t realize I had it on grams instead of grains. Couldn’t figure out why I had to keep cranking out the measure on the powder throw and thought that looked like a LOT of powder in my scoop. Then I looked at the scale again and realized my error. Fortunately, 4.6 GRAMS of Titegroup will not fit in a 9 mm case. :laughing:

Second was a bullet of shame. Didn’t realize I hadn’t cycled the turret and tried to seat the bullet in the case with the case sizing die. Smashed it right down in there. :roll_eyes: I don’t know if I’ll get it out with my bullet puller or not.

Overall, I’m really happy with this Lee turret loader. It’s definitely taken my reloading game to a whole new level.

Gratuitous pic of the First 50:


One day I will be doing the same…
Well done, and congrats on the first 50 9mms.


You go!

Here I thought this was going to be about reloading a .50 BMC.

My first 50 were for a .30-40 Gov that I pounded together with a Lee Loader and a mallet while listing to Revolver by the Beatles. The smell of IMR 4064 still takes me back to the 70’s.

Glad you are carrying on the tradition.


Nice @WillieB! :+1:
First one I had was a lee turret that mounted and stored on/in its own box, then the box would clamp to a bench or table. First 50 was 357mag.


Well, I took those first 50 out to the range today. The 4.6 gr of Titegroup with the 115 FMJ projectiles made for a really nice target load. No failures to feed, fire or cycle. Not quite as accurate as factory but still stayed well within center mass. If I really concentrated, I could get about a 2” group of 10 rounds at average USPSA target distance. Shot most of them with my Colt 1911 Gold Cup. (Yes, my 1911 is chambered in 9mm. Sue me.) I also shot a few from my little Kimber Micro 9 just to see how they would do. Overall, I’m very happy with how this first bunch turned out and they should only get better from here!