First night of pistol league


Weather here is finally warmed up and out door action pistol league starts tonight. I’m all packed.


:four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:good luck and good fortune!
Terr um up kid!


Wish you luck and great result. waiting for a new champion )))


Oh oh, gonna channel slow ass scum bag drop and gimme 20
Now show me your war face…bullshit i dont beleive it! Work on it!
Carry on! Yeh i watched your podcast!:joy::joy:20outta28 ?:confused:
(But really good job even getting out there, my nearest idpa range is four hours and a mountain range away):dizzy_face:


I need to get my hand back in shape. Had surgery on it. Doctor said it could take a year to fully heal.


Dude that sucks, you have my sympathy,sorry if i hacked on ya win yer down!
Take supplements for that dna force is pricey but it really works and is best thing for nerve regrowth ect and its supposed to be for telemere longjevity! But its expensive


A crappy day at the range still beats a good day at work, which I don’t do because I’m retired. So every day is a good day so long as I wake up.


Don’t forget your shootin’ iron.
Don’t see it in the picture.
Sorry about your paw.
One of our regulars had to shoot left handed due to a similar injury.
So a few of us joined him for an all lefty squad for the entire match.
We had a lot of fun and got some important off hand practice.
Maybe you could do something similar.
Just a thought.
For safety sake, we all started each stage with a loaded gun off a table top.


Good idea, however I had both hands done.


In that case, you’re gonna’ need a pinch shooter.


I’m just going to do my best and enjoy what I can.


Simalarity is uncanny we get like kine tings brah
Woke up again woohoo!:grinning:


And if your ever feeling low ,old,fded up
Go and watch a couple of Zack Anner vids its inspireing!