First Steel Challenge Match of 2020

I shot my first match of the season this evening and I learned a few things:

  1. I love optics! It was my first time shooting PCCO class with the new Ruger PC9 and I’m hooked. I still shoot irons in production pistol class, but my aging eyes definitely prefer the dot.
  2. The Ruger PC9 shoots very well. The gun is rather heavy, but the balance felt nice and I scored a few sub-three second times.
  3. Red is good. I installed a red fiberoptic front sight on my production pistol and it made a huge difference. Previously, it had green front and rear fiberoptics. The contrasting color significantly improved my target acquisition and accuracy. I struggled with the Pendulum course in the past, but I did much better today. This is interesting, because I always preferred monocolor sights in my younger years. Aging eyes again.

Overall I am very happy, especially for the first match of the year. I felt rusty, but did pretty well.


I shot my first of the season on Sunday. I already knew I was hooked on optics since my eyes have been age wonky for 2 decades now. I did good too even after the winter match lay off and no practice. Finished 4th overall with 87% of the points and took my division, RFRO with my SBRed Ruger Charger. Shot an experimental gun too, to see if I want to SBR it for competition, the CP33 with arm brace. I didn’t shoot it extensively in the match but I know I shot faster with it. There is legislation pending and I want to see if that removes SBR from the registration, then I won’t need to SBR it to make it competition legal. Otherwise I just might SBR it. It’s 1/2 the weight of the Charger. One person asked me where the water goes (as in it feels like a water gun). :smiley:

It’s been said that as we age we lose muscle mass. I told myself that it would never happen to me. OK, so I was wrong. Hence my love today for SBRs, arm braced pistols, and, bullpups. The less mass “way out there” as in a traditional long gun the better I am. Aging sux. But I’m still shooting.

Arm braced cp33

SBRed Ruger Charger


Congratulations, I miss shooting the Steel Challenge, it’s been many years


I am getting faster with the new PC Carbine. I had my best performance of the season at the recent Steel Challenge match. I finished in 2nd place overall…only .06 seconds behind the leader.

Before this match, I was right on the edge of B Class. Hopefully this performance will bump me up.


Wow nice job!


Well done! I’m working on getting over the edge and into B class also.


I’ve been hovering around 59% all month. I’m so close.


Me too. 59.91%

Unlike USPSA, I can go as high as I want in SC since there’s only one stage that requires any movement. Shooting I can do, moving not so much. Biggest problem? Small population in the state and matches are few.