First Steel Challenge Match

I had posted some pictures earlier and someone had commented about match videos. Normally I am by myself at matches and the squading and such is a bit fast paced and hectic so I don’t have the opportunity to get much footage. These videos are actually from my very first Steel Challenge match.


Looks like so much fun


@deadhorse yeah it is, totally different than precision which is my comfort zone


Steel is awesome, I used to run a VP9 amongst all those .22’s

got pegged pretty good by a .22 from I believe the next bay over and lost some of the desire to do it


Right on! I’ve shot competitive steel in the past and I really miss it. I need to get involved again. Fun stuff!


Indeed. Speed shooting is a different animal and presents a whole new set of fundamentals to master, but it’s good to step outside the comfort zone. I’m a much better marksman because of it…and it’s super fun too!


I’ve been trying to get USPSA steel challenge here locally. I no longer move like I used to so steel challenge is for me.


@Robert yeah I can see that, wow, @SteelPinger fun indeed sir, pretty much any trigger time is that way and especially trigger time around good folks. @Tactical_Reviews yep, steel challenge is a fat boys game LOL.


Yes, I’m bringing this dusty thread back! I’m a huge believer in competition.

Steel Challenge is an incredible amount of fun! Just get involved, you’ll like it.

I shoot both Action Pistol (AP) in PCC division and Steel Challenge (SC) in Rimfire Open Rifle (I could also use my PCC in SC) and picking which is my favorite would be very hard to do. I no longer move as I once did, but I’m accurate and relatively fast. I can be very competitive at SC, much more than at AP because of the lack of running. Aging sux. Heck, that’s why I shoot optics, because aging sux and my eyes are as old as the rest of me.

What does it involve? It’s pure speed with a bit of accuracy thrown in. In rimfire very little is needed; gun, magazines, ammo, and ear and eye protection. Much less than what is needed for centerfire handgun where belt gear is needed. It’s that way to get people involved, so please do so! Get involved! The entire family can do it and use the same gun in rimfire (no belt gear required). You probably already have all that’s required for rimfire. I shoot a 10/22 and who doesn’t have one of those?

Shooting is a perishable skill and shooting competition keeps one sharp. We also shoot to get better and not because we’re already GODs gift to shooting. At least those are the reasons I shoot competition.


I did steel challenge and action pistol for many years. Life got busy and I stepped away for a while, but I decided to get back into it recently. I plan to attend a match early next month. I’ve been dealing with an autoimmune disorder that causes chronic inflammation in my eyes (and other inconvenient places), so we’ll see how it goes. I’ve had trouble focusing with iron sights on my long guns, but I can still see my pistol sights just fine. I may not be as fast these days, but it’s still fun.


Of any of the “action” competitions I think most anyone can do SC. Let us know how it goes.

SP, It’s been quite some time since I’ve been able to use iron sights on any gun at any distance. That’s why all of my competition guns, and most other guns I actually use have optics on them. When USPSA opened Carry Optics I was all over it.