First Steel Challenge Match


I had posted some pictures earlier and someone had commented about match videos. Normally I am by myself at matches and the squading and such is a bit fast paced and hectic so I don’t have the opportunity to get much footage. These videos are actually from my very first Steel Challenge match.


Looks like so much fun


@deadhorse yeah it is, totally different than precision which is my comfort zone


Steel is awesome, I used to run a VP9 amongst all those .22’s

got pegged pretty good by a .22 from I believe the next bay over and lost some of the desire to do it


Right on! I’ve shot competitive steel in the past and I really miss it. I need to get involved again. Fun stuff!


Indeed. Speed shooting is a different animal and presents a whole new set of fundamentals to master, but it’s good to step outside the comfort zone. I’m a much better marksman because of it…and it’s super fun too!


I’ve been trying to get USPSA steel challenge here locally. I no longer move like I used to so steel challenge is for me.


@Robert yeah I can see that, wow, @SteelPinger fun indeed sir, pretty much any trigger time is that way and especially trigger time around good folks. @Tactical_Reviews yep, steel challenge is a fat boys game LOL.