First time mounting a scope


Hello all,

So I have a Savage Arms 64 .22 rifle. The shop sold it to me with a 4x tusco BB gun scope. Now, up to now that scope has been good to me. But, up to now, I’ve only been shooting at 10 yards in an indoor range. And, tbh, the idea of a 14 inch scope on the thing seems laughably rediculous.

So I bought another scope a few months back, this one to be exact: I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a scope that stood up to wranglerstar’s abuse, and kept on ticking. And, after shooting at an outdoor range at 50 yards, and not being able to tell where my shots where going to save my life, it was time to stick this on my rifle.

I have an adapter, this one:,/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1, and I watched a few youtube videos. The process seems simple, if you have all the tools. My trouble is, I don’t have all the tools. i would be doing this on a rifle I have no way of holding upright, and this would be the very first time I would be mounting a picitiny rail scope to a rifle (I take the bb gun scope off to clean it, so I have mounted a sight).

Is keeping the rilfe upright mandatory for mounting a pictiny rail sight? Do I need better/different scope rings, if so which rings would be better? Is there anything else I should know that youtube videos wouldn’t teach? Are there mounting rings that would work with a dovetail mounting system (this would be ideal, as I can just slip those right onto the rifle as it is, no adapter needed)?

Thanks for any advice you guys/gals can offer!


Ok Brother does the .22 rifle have a 3/8 dove tail on the action already?


Honestly, idk. I know it does have a dovetail mount on it. But idk about the measurements.


If it has a dovetail it is most likely a 3/8 dovetail very popular in Europe. You could buy 3/8 dovetail scope rings for your scope.


Here is a cheap set to stay in the budget. If your interested in not buying a rail for the rifle.


Interesting. Would that be enough of a rise to keep the scope I linked off the receiver?


This made mounting and sighting ours much easier.


Posting photos helps.


Oh right. Ok, can this site host pictures? If so, whats the file limit?



Just click there and upload your photo.


You should use a vice with soft jaws or a cloth to hold your work peice
This will allow you to level everything nice and keep one of your hands free to use


Here is the mounting system my receiver has.

The scope currently on there is a Tasco 4x15 scope. Does that help?


Yeah that is a 3/8 dovetail. You can order the rings and that with the scope you bought should be what you need. If you want you can get more expensive rings.


Cool beans, thanks for the feedback! would there be an advantage to more expensive rings?


To be honest for your particular set up I believe that the ncStar rings will do just fine.
If you had a 2,300 anschutz Rifle then yes better rings would benefit you.


so, just an update. That week I ordered the rings, the shipping took 2 weeks. I took my rifle to the range, stopped shooting at 50, and brought the target back to 20. Turns out I was aiming waay too low on the target. Some adjusting on the scope, and now I’m right as rain again. So I have the rings, but I have no need to mount the new scope, as I was able to figure out what my problem was. :man_facepalming:

Ah well, live and learn


Put a scope on a .22 rifle yesterday and used this to set it up in the basement.
Almost spot on at first shot - small adjustment after 3 shots and it was tack driving machine