Fix NICS and why it's bad for gunowners

(My comment from the truth about guns)
This bill would BAN me from possessing a firearm. I’m a 19 year old gun owner and I have owned a firearm since I was 16. Nothing out of the ordinary for someone who grew up around firearms. But I am Autistic and who says that they wouldn’t just lump me in with the crazies because of a neurological difference? Sure I may act strange, get uncomfortable around other people, make a fool of myself because I don’t know what to say, but in fact I am not a mental defective nor will I ever be. In fact I know more about firearms then my gun collector uncle due to my memory and interest in firearms. So no I’m not crazy. No I’m not defective. No I’m not evil. I’m simply different through no choice of my own, yet I may be denied my rights. This to me at least sounds similar to a time when others were deprived of their God given rights because they looked different. So not only is this unconstitutional it is simply wrong on a human level.
(Now for the Full 30 adition.)
Not only would this be a bad bill for me but also many others in the gun community.
Had postpantrum depression? Banned.
ADHD/ADD? Banned.
Were you diagnosed with depression as a teen? Banned.
This is just the beginning of full on Australia style gun laws or worse. In the USSR you were banned from many things for being “mentally ill” when in reality you simply didn’t believe in the communist “Utopia”. So yes this is the mile they will take when we give an inch.


110% agree! fix NCS is bad.



I agree - autistic people sometimes get improperly labeled. I think it is just the establishment’s lazy approach to handling people they don’t understand.

I truly hope you and autistic people as a whole, don’t lose your gun rights. That would be really wrong.

Good luck!

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Over sensitive snowflakes kill far more people. Most these school shootings are from sensitive kids that cant take any amount of shit without losing their minds. Gun owners with the “E-virus” are more of an issue then autistic people. Most of this could be cured if we could get the sensitive tide pod eaters to shoot themselves first instead of last when they snap.