FL Carry members fishing on Miami Beach pier



you use sic to denote the error by placing it right after the mistake.
or It can also be a verb that means “to attack something or someone” or “to entice to attack.” This sic, the one that means “to attack,” is unrelated to the Latin sic.


wow to be considered a troll, not sure I should be amused or ashamed

the “sic” comment was made in support of your posting and that the MBPD were in fact attcking or that the Chief was making a mistake. And by using “sic” was admitting to that mistake.


No u-turn
and I agree with you 100% that the civil rights and liberties of those 6 Citizens were infringed upon and if there was a gun totting ambulance chaser that wished to make some money, the opertunity has arisen.
the “You” in the opening statement was not directed at you but as a global identifier and upon review I understand how it has/was misunderstood.


Your comment hurt my head. I was also confused as to if you were agreeing or arguing. Then again I am and never will be a fancy talker and am easily confused :slight_smile:


and here is something that defeats “english common law” for the state of florida - the spanish and purchase 34 years after the founding of the republic.


This is why I do not and will never open carry. I do understand both sides. I think seeing that the group is trying to show that a gun in the hands (well…on the hip) of a “good guy” is no threat, this should have gone much better than it did. I do agree if you see a group of guys with guns, calling is better safe than sorry… like the christmas party shooting a couple years back where people watched them load their cars up and thought it was odd, but didnt report it because it was “probably nothing”. HOWEVER when something gets reported it usually goes south for 2 reasons: Disrespect from the citizen(s) trying to educate officers on law and using the “its my right so shove off” mentallity. And the second is cops with the mentallity that they know it all and completly bugger the situation and cause it to escalate to the point where tempers flare. Too many things can go wrong. I have called the PD with concealed carry questions both local and out of state before and was surprised how little they really knew about the topic! That definitly needs to be addressed . Citizens seem more interested in the laws than some officers sworn to enforce them. Shame.

I am unable to watch the video right now so I just read the post.


@DOSE_OF_FREEDOM, the issue i see is those gentleman fishing we’re legally and lawfully utilizing their states law of open carry.
The problem i have is the police officers we’re purposely harassing and denying these law-abiding citizens the right to exercise there states open carry law, it’s another example of the Law Abiding Citizen doing the right thing and still getting screwed over!


I support cops assualtig people with man buns, its justice.


It’s a homo handle.
Optional equipment for driving the Hershey highway


@ DOSE_OF_FREEDOM Thank you for your perception and it’s beyond reasonable and correct in my Opinion. As a 24 year Veteran Police Officer working Patrol and huge Second Amendment supporter I too get the issue’s on both sides. What it boils down to is this: The Officers had no choice. They were called there for a call for service. They have every right to go home and not die so they secured the parties to confirm they were legal. All too often keyboard commandos that sit on their ass at their desk forget the Police always have a disadvantage in that "Action is faster than "Re-action. For that reason securing people that are armed until they can dispel their threat and or investigation is a critical Officer Safety method and people that don’t understand that can criticize all they like because we will go home at the end of our tours of duty. PERIOD…having said that, I frequently deal with armed people and most times did not detain them or secure their weapons like on traffic stops every time almost, however if I can articulate why I secure the weapon and or the party in control of the weapon it happens as well. If anyone can not see both sides of this then shame on you indeed…


^ This. Very important this. Every bit of this.


here is a response I sen’t from an email I received from one of the thread posters and it’s my opinion only so don’t lump me in with the rest in L.E.I am totally FOR open carry of all responsible citizens. Always the CITIZEN first ALWAYS Because we can’t be there in most cases fast enough to protect you. I also don’t “draw down” on people I come into contact with in every instance that is armed it is different case by case and circumstance by circumstance. The 2nd Amendment exist so Citizens not Government can protect you and your loved ones. I am not against the law that allows open carry at all. I just want people to understand that as a result there may be situations where contact with “US” in Law Enforcement could result in this type of temporary detention and as long as you are legal it’s nothing to get butt hurt over. I would hope people are not unreasonable to think that ALL that are armed or that do carry openly are all law abiding citizens either. In order to follow up we have to do so safely. thanks for the responses, it’s a good subject to speak on.O please and thank you.


Good points made all around. I feel as though so many police confrontations could be solved by just doing what the officer asks to help them get through the stop. I do admit though, i would be very uncomfortable giving up my carry gun during a stop.


^ This. I do believe this would solved most of the issues we face today if people would just do this. But alas you have certain demos that don’t, on purpose, in order to illicit a response.


I think and In my experience it’s 90% attitude towards LE. I’ve only been approached by LE twice while armed. One just a traffic stop while carrying concealed. I went windows down, engine off and hands on the wheel. Told the officer I had a weapon and permit. Never went beyond that. Not disarmed and on my way. (With a seat belt ticket)
The other was while about 10 of us were shooting in the desert. Officer while pulling up behind us gave us a “Whoop Whoop” on the horn. I had everybody put the guns on the table and he had a friendly chat with us and was on his way. Had we been dicks I think it would have gone differently.
Most cops that I know of are good pro 2A types. There are exceptions I’m sure but I’ve not met any.


True. I think there’s another side of officers that may escalate the situation without needing to. While i think this is a VERY SMALL number, the media always wants to highlight it, so it’s not helping the cause. No one’s perfect, so I can admit that there are some bad cops.


It’s different case by case in each scenario or incident. Most times I will not disarm citizens or hold them at gunpoint while I find out if they are legal to carry. And just because “open carry” is legal that doesn’t mean the person doing so **IS LEGAL TO CARRY…or even possess a firearm for that matter…that was part of my point as well. Nobody knows who is or is not legal to carry until a follow up is done. I also don’t care to even try and change the mind of people that don’t do this job at all. Just imagine in that very same scenario if you were an Officer walking up on complete armed strangers and your job was to confirm they were in compliance because as an Officer you can’t just “not” take the calls for service you get. Some would say hey open carry is legal so just leave them alone and go get a donut but I assure you the same pinheads would also be the one’s criticizing the Police for not doing their jobs if that same group or any group of armed citizen or otherwise became an active shooter. You can’t have your cake and eat it too. And by you I don’t mean anyone specific in this thread at all. Just a point to anyone that blindly makes assumptions about any contact involving the Police not at all based on being part of the incident whatsoever. This “Story” starts with bull crap in the first place with the title Law Abiding Citizens Assaulted by Miami Police. That very sensationalism should make your bullshit alarm go off. Nobody was arrested. Nobody went to the morgue. Nobody went to the hospital. I assure you there is a difference in assault and what that incident was.


Worked the demonrat made s***hole for 30+ years. The attack on the USA’s thin blue line is disgusting. The abuse i saw directed at PD by POS made me want to … well never mind.
The demonrats who ruined their towns and cities piss and moan about the PD "treating our hood like a war zone.
Hey morons - YOU made it a war zone. 33 yrs in FD w/EMS proved that. As a F/F assigned to Engine duties I treated more gunshots than fire my last year on the pile. cnn/dnc/blm propagandists control the idiots with constant cop bashing in the media. That’s how hey control the brain damaged/dead morons.
Drop a libturd on S.14 St Newark tonight at 1 am. They’ll be a conservative w/their first mugging by 2.


@Robert And my hats off to the Police for being safe to include being honest and making sure the pin head went free and wasn’t charged at the end of the contact. I personally can TOTALLY see the men being drawn down on and detained IS justifiable in this case. Two reasons, it is UNKNOWN if a crime is being committed (felon, wanted, Active Protective Order, etc etc) and two The amount of time it takes for the UNKNOWN ARMED PERSON to shoot the responding Officer is not an issue since they were detained or placed into investigatory detention. Then once the Officers confirmed they were not in violation and not just because an open carry law exist they were sent on their way. Was I there? No but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express to include serving over 24 years as a Patrol Officer. Do I know all the details? No and nor does anyone but I do know securing weapons until we can confirm no crime is afoot or being violated is something the Supreme Court has confirmed we can and will do when it pertains to Officer safety. That’s OUR justification . This should, as is, piss off everyone that wants to carry open because tool bags like this that walk around for the purpose of making YouTube videos to target the Police do not help their cause in the least. My hats off to the Police.