Flip up sights or another red dot for the 9mm PCC?


I cannibalized the TRS-25 from my 995TS to put on my AR (best red dot under $100 in my opinion) so I need sights for the PCC. I hate the iron sights it came with mostly because I do not like peep style sights and the rest because it sits too low and I cannot get a good sight picture. Hence the reason why I got a red dot with a riser.

I was thinking about getting one of these for the front:

But since I’m not a fan of peep style sights all of the rears I’m seeing are peep sights so what are my options? I do well with plain military style and 3-dot sights alike, but do they even make flip up sights in those styles? So, am I relegated to just using a red dot in this case?


You really can’t go wrong with MBUS sights. the MBUS Pro are really nice if you don’t mind spending a little extra. Bit if you arent a Magpul fan, Troy makes some HK style sights you could try.


I am a Magpul fan, but the rear sight I’m not a fan of with that peep aperture. I’ll check out those other sights to see what’s what. Thanks mate!


This is what I have recommended for budget minded folks that want more for there money. I have owned and ran these sights, and in run n gun. Your looking at 100.00 bucks or so.imageimage

No batterys, they kind of incorporate a dovetail and a chevron. Oh and you can use both eyes open as well!


That looks pretty cool!


I know the struggle you are going through with peep sights. It blinds you of your peripheral vision, and immediate area.
I too hate peeps.


Those look cool…


They really work well. Very durable, not bomb proof, but I was impressed with them.


Exactly. That and my glasses and ear pro interfere with being able to look through them decent enough.


I dont have that issue with the magpul pros as long as I have it on the larger setting.


It looks like a neat concept, but also gimmicky. However, I’ll take your word on the SeeAll being good quality.


Yeah, got 100.00 bucks?
it’s pretty good for the price.