FLIR says, civilians don't need thermal optics


I couldn’t get an answer as to why, and I was direct with the question. The only answer I got was “for business purposes, that is where we are taking the direction of the company…”

Hell, maybe they didn’t sell many to civilians. It is pricey stuff. I’m not gonna hate them over it, with their politically correct answer. If they DID do it because of politics, and that ever comes out, it’ll crush them like they’d deserve - if that was the case. I can’t say, with the answer I got, that it’s the case though.

So, confirmation that .civ sales stop, YES. Confirmation that it’s politically motivated? Can’t say, based on the only answer I could get out of them. It was definitely a calculated and measured response…


ok, so, someone more powerful than they threatened their business or I don’t understand business as cutting off a market, any size market, don’t sound like good business to me

infowars claimed they were threatened, stop lgbt and muslim reporting and you can do what you like,

they ignored that, lost paypal and their credit rating and have been paying for it ever since




It makes perfect sense to me. The consumer market is undoubtedly small and where all the product abusers and complainers reside. I’ll support this position by adding that I was a little surprised to see all the negative reviews of their products online. Multiple people claiming to have sent scopes back two to three times for this and that only to be told the scope functioned fine by FLIR. I’m betting much of this negativity was due to improper use by half-wit consumers. Hence, bulk sales to the military are more easily managed, resulting in a higher return on investment without all the civilian consumer relations hassle. This goes for any OEM (not just FLIR) having a large portion of their business dedicated to military sales. It’s simply more profitable due to economy of scale combined with a user who is going to employ the product in a very consistent manner.

I am disappointed to see FLIR leave the consumer market, because I’d always dreamed of owning one of their scopes. I just couldn’t ever bring myself to pay the exorbitant prices they wanted. It’s all a moot point now I suppose.

Lastly, I wonder if they are no longer going to sell other products to the consumer market? I don’t know any commercial entities using night vision rifle scopes, but know plenty of Electrical companies that rely upon their camera systems for PM and troubleshooting activities.


I was truly wanting to get one so this news is disheartening.