Florida Gun Owners to Law Enforcement: Violate Our Rights & We Will Sue You

Florida Gun Owners to Law Enforcement: Violate Our Rights & We Will Sue You

Florida Carry Letter Advises Sheriffs & Police Chiefs To Know and Obey The Law

TALLAHASSEE, FL - February 3,2020 - Florida Carry, Inc. has put Florida’s top cops on notice: Stop violating the rights of law abiding gun owners or you will get sued.

In a letter sent to every sheriff and police chief in the state SEE ATTACHED, Florida Carry notes, “Despite the well-established right, our members have been repeatedly victimized and deprived of their rights by various law enforcement agencies and their respective officers and deputies. Too many individuals in law enforcement throughout the state have harassed, berated, belittled, arrested, and even killed law- abiding citizens going about their personal business, for simply exercising their constitutionally protected right to bear arms.”

The letter goes on to detail instances where the rights of their members as well as other Floridians have been violated by law enforcement officers who were either ignorant of, directed to or simply refused to comply with the law.

Florida Carry is demanding that frontline law enforcement officers receive proper training on how to interact with law abiding citizens who are simply exercising their legal rights. Further, they warn that incidents where these rights are violated will result in legal action. “If your officers and deputies do not receive this more thorough and appropriate training and continue to violate our rights, we will respond. We will bring lawsuit after lawsuit until the message is delivered.”

Now that law enforcement has been put on proper notice, Florida Carry hopes that their members will now be able to exercise their right to keep and bear arms without incident. But should this not be the case and legal action is required, law enforcement agencies can no longer claim “ignorance” as a defense.

“We have cataloged and continue to catalog the violations of our rights. We will use this letter and these onerous violations in court. We will show that you were made aware of the consequences of your persistent failure to properly train your officers and deputies. We will show that law enforcement statewide has repeatedly violated the rights of gun owners and yet you did nothing.”

“We will demand criminal prosecution of officers and deputies who violate our rights.”


Florida reply, All Florida LEO’s who put life on the line everyday have the Right under the Law to make sure why someone is carrying a weapon for the safety of everyone involved, They have the right to secure any and all weapons until they know there is no threat, No Citizen can carry weapons and not expect LE to verify you are legally allowed to be carrying a weapon, this is probably what to expect as a reply…or something similar…


even if checking for verification may anger the person being verified…or if carrying a weapon scares anybody in the area, the people scared have rights not to be scared…lol


Yeah, because we’ve removed the presumption of innocence, traded it for the assumption of risk

which is unfortunate and I can’t see being restored, simply too much risk


People have allowed this to happen. Probably wont do any good though. Judges will probably back the nazi street pirates because they dont care about our rights either.


hopefully people will be recording and a lot of lawsuits get filed…


In Wisconsin this is a violation of our rights and the police can, and due pay the price. Our law is clear, no one may be stopped and questioned simply because of the act of carrying a firearm. In addition, disorderly conduct may not be used to bypass this restriction.

One such incident I was involved in was in a small town. A female officer walked up and told us to get out of town. This resulted in a sit down with the chief of police, and she had to undergo mandatory training. The issue was not been repeated.

We are a large group in Wisconsin, and we all keep a close eye on all PDs in our area and make sure they are put on the spot if we receive reports of violations.

Another issue was with a county sheriff. He violated the rights of a person carrying a handgun, told him to get out of his park and if he returns he will arrest him. A call was made, the sheriff refused to listen that he is violating state law. Strike one. Bill, our biggest and baddest carrier went to the park. He had a rifle pointed at him and was harassed, had his legal property taken from him. Bill informed the sheriff he’s in violation and must stop. He refused, strike two. Next day, a dozen people showed up in the same park all open carrying and playing ball games. Sheriff showed up and demanded everyone leave, we refused, he responded with I will arrest you all. We refused, informed him tomorrow there will be 100 open carriers here. He caved and left. Later that night the sheriff received a phone call. That phone call was the Wisconsin state AG. He was told to stand down, failure to comply would result in action being taken because he is ignoring state law. He has not been an issue since.

Every state needs a group like this, a group that understands the law, has the testicular fortitude to hold their ground, even if being arrested. The backing of high level people. I’m not talking about people walking around only to get a reaction. Every person in this group open carries as a reaction to a violation.


And I posted that saying what I think Florida LE response would be, which is wrong, but we all see what is going on…


Lots of LEOs treat carrying a firearm the way drug dealers treat their turf. That’s not right and needs to change. In Maine I see that attitude mostly in the larger towns/cities. Small town Maine, or at least where I live, not so much. Maybe because we’re their closest help (backup)? Just speculation. Maybe because everyone here has firearms, it’s seen as a tool, and it’s no big deal/no turf to protect? Again, just speculation.

I hope it works out for Florida and I really love the Wisconsin reply.


Great planning, organization and outcome!


Too bad its not guaranteed outcome

30’ish years back, a man mowed his lawn in an open carry state, within city limits, neighbors called police

police show up, man protests, states his property, his right

police kill man

mans name?


This SHOULD be like that everywhere in the US.


That’s not true. The fourth district court in United States vs Black (2013 I believe) ruled that in an open carry state simply carrying a firearm is not considered to be reasonable suspicion. So they legally can not stop/detain you for it.


Again…….this reply was my thought on what Florida LE and politicians would reply to Florida carry letter…It is not how I feel…


Funny thing, when I was growing up there were no such thing as law enforcement officers. They were Peace officers. Hmmm wonder what changed………(not really, I know what changed, a lot more than just the name)

DSA/dnc IS the greatest threat to the USA in the world. Want proof, just turn your TV on.