Floridians, be safe, be smart!


Our full 30 family in Florida & Georgia & Alabama , we’ll be praying for you! This hurricane Micheal is a cat 4 & looks as if it’s going to be devastating! Not worth trying to ride out, so if youre in the path of the effective areas, get your shit & get out! Grab your kids, your spouse(if you still like them) your pets & your guns. Mother in laws optional. Be safe & good luck!


Praying for all involved.


Watch for looters too, I chat with some southrons on another forum and it seems the idiots come out to play at the the same time mother nature does…thank god im yankee.


lolz Mothers in law optional


Lonewolf has issues.


Rumor has it that looters make excellent tree decorations.


Hey, just trying to provide helpful tips. In a stressful situation, obvious choices & options tend to slip the mind…


Jeez, I haven’t been paying attention. My sister posted on Facebook (when it was still a tropical storm) that it was my father’s birthday and his name was Michael and if this was anywhere near as mean as he was, there was going to be hell to pay. I guess she was right. How did it get so powerful in such a short time?

Y’all be safe out there.


We’re riding it out in Tallahassee, lots of wind here , lots of people with out power . Prayers for those south of us too.


Thoughts and prayers go out to you guys in the south. Be safe.