FN Five-Seven Giveaway By Classic Firearms


Hey thought id share this with you guys, Classic Firearms is running a Giveaway for a FN Five-Seven ends in 3 days so sign up if your interested. i thought i would share with you guys in case someone was interested.



I hope I win.


It would be nice to add a Five-Seven to my collection. :grin: @Tactical_Reviews


I’ve wanted one for a long time, but the price has always kept it just out of reach. For that price I like my 500 magnum


I entered to win, because…why not? But having shot one before, its a very “meh” pistol. Over priced, squirt gun feeling, glorified 22 magnum. Go to a range with one to rent, put a few boxes of ammo through it, and check it off the list and put it back. Really nothing special.


Ive worked on a few when i had the shop, first version i did not like with that removable top cover to get to all the parts under its basically like a shell on the slide. Not many options for aftermarket parts, but hey i wouldnt mind one for freeeeeeeee. lmao. @full30nick


Really scrounging for compliments for the thing here, but I will say that one nice thing about it is that most .22lr suppressors are rated for the 5.7 and they’re very affordable compared to a centerfire can which is nice


I’ll take any gun that’s free. Just got an Email notification that my Tavor X95 was shipped, can’t wait to play with that.


I can’t even enter.:cry: Supid Commifornia!


I hate to say it but I kinda have to agree with @full30nick
I wasn’t very impressed with the 5 seven
It’s big for one the controls feel out of place to me and I just don’t get the draw to 1300 pistol that has a faux rifle round
It’s a exspensive gimmick in my opinion


All valid points, but would you turn down one fo freeeeee lolz @Giantspeed


Eh I d like to say no but we all know nothing in this life is free
And I really do detest that thing
I’d probably sell that thing