Fairly new to FL. From Ga. I luv my AR platforms. Just assembled (hard to say built) a .300 blk for short range deer and hogs if I can find a place to go. USAF vet machinist on KC135’s. Now ER nurse. Glad to find a blog of like minded people


Welcome fng


Welcome again, and thank you for your service.


Welcome to full30


Welcome to the forum!!!


Welcome to Full30…




Welcome to the forums! Be sure to show of that ar.





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Welcome Brother.




Welcome to Full30, tibj3, from another Floridian.

Our group (Floridians), is growing here.

Hope you enjoy the Forum.


Growing? I think Floridians make up 99% of our membership! Lol


I thought it was Californians lol


With our heat :sunny: we tend to find these indoor hangouts a bit more comfy