FNSA 49 gas adjustment

I am finally taking my Egyptian Contract FNSA 49 to the range and I understand that the rifle has an adjustable gas system. If I am posed to fired the rifle with the muzzle pointed down range which direction do I need to turn the gas cylinder to get more gas and which direction do turn to get less gas? Y’alls help is always appreciated.


If you rifle is anything like the FAL from a birds eye view (the rifle pointing down range) turning to the right should increase gas and turning to the left should decrease gas.

When you go shooting load only one round. Fire the rifle. If the bolt is locked back you have enough gas. Once you have shot your single round and the action does not lock back you will need to increase the amount of gas.

Ether way you will figure out what direction for more or less gas.

I hope this helps Brother, and I’m very jealous of you for owning one of those rifles!


If you are behind the rifle, turning the adjusting sleeve counterclockwise will decrease the gas pressure. The sleeve will move back and start to expose a vent hole.

The more you open the hole, by continuing to move the adjusting sleeve back, the more gasses will escape the system through the vent. As gasses escape the pressure onto the piston drops, resulting in less force applied to the bolt.

The rifle may or may not cycle with a fully opened vent, but likely you will start to have failures to eject and bolt not locking back on empty.

To close the vent, you turn the sleeve clockwise (if you are behind the rifle). That will move the sleeve forward and start closing the vent opening.

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