FNSA- 49 Stripper clip


I have a FNSA-49 that is an Egyptian contract rifle which is obviously chambered in 8mm Mauser. Because the rifle loads from stripper clips I was wondering if it uses a specific kind of stripper clip or if the rifle can use any kind of 8mm Mauser stripper clip.


Best functioning strippers for Egyptian contract FN-49s are modified Mauser clips. You need to find Mauser 98 clips with six nubs, three on each side. File/dremel off the outer four, leaving the middle nubs only. This allows the clip to drop to the proper depth, so that the bolt doesn’t slam forward after only one clip. This will happen if you use 4-nub clips. Good luck!


If I remember correctly, my Swedish Mauser stripper clips work best in my FN49 but its a Venny gun in 7mm.