I want to hear every ones opinion of the FN FNX-45 pistol.
Do you love it? Hate it? and why?


Looks like a sweet gun, I will need to have it sent to me for close inspection.


Had one

Wasn’t for me


So the deal is I like the HK usp 45, but it only holds 12 rounds! WTF!
FN gives you 15 rounds plus one in the hole!

Your only like 3-6 hours drive pending on the area of WI your in. It could happen!


Cool. Looked like you had the tactical version. So was there too much? Or was it the plastic pistol deal?


I think its my love for SAO


Yeah that is a deal breaker when you have a good trigger already in the safe.
It’s hard to go backwards on that aspect.


yeah, not sure where I’ll go from here


But that’s an easy answer…



Why I do think you are right Sir!

Happy it wasn’t a Parrot


I love that you bought it, I got to shoot it and learn that I hate it. :grin:


The red dot I’m assuming.


The 45?


The FNX.
Sorry, should have clarified or quoted.


You like other 45’s?


This is her favorite at the moment!


You should be proud :sunglasses:


Yes! I enjoy shooting 1911’s!

Beautiful CZ you posted by the way.


Thanks, so was the 2k I got for it :grin:


You don’t have it any more? :cry::sob::nauseated_face::face_vomiting: