Yes! I love that comparison.

I struggled with the recoil because of how light it was, not enough weight to help balance that.


It’s on my bucket list! Probably for after the little one is out of daycare and diapers.


AJ told me thats not an issue any longer :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Have you shot the Walther PPQ45? It sounds like that’s what your looking for!




That is a good point. That FNX has a snap to it!


Try Flintstones vitamins, helps them grow up fast! Lol jk


When I was shopping, it was to replace my duty gun. Capacity was very important to me. I currently carry a G17 with 21rd mags. My G41 has +4 extensions on it… I’m just waiting on a sighting in my new RMR before I field it.

I will check that out. I carried a PPK/s for years as a CCW. I loved it. If the PPQ45 catches up with red dot compatibility and holsters, that could definitely be a contender for a new duty piece. I’ll keep watch on it and check one out when it comes available. Thanks for the tip.


I thought maybe I was just being a pansy but I agree with this. I didnt care for the pistol in 9mm or .45mm.


I used to own a P227 TacOps. I loved the piss out of that gun, but it would not cycle my duty ammo. I sent it back several times, and finally got tired of being told I was wrong. I had 10 of the 14 round magazines, and seven of the 10 round magazine’s, and none of them worked 100%.

Here’s a short video of me trying to chamber Winchester Ranger 230 grain cartridges…

This occurred 3-4 times per magazine and was easy for me to demonstrate repeatedly.

While playing with the magazines I did discover two interesting facts…

1- The internal plastic base plate can be replaced with a flat P226 metal internal base plate. This grants the shooter +1 magazine capacity, without adding to the length of the magazine.

  1. The P14 mag springs are compatible with the P227 mag bodies. I didn’t play with a lot of available variations, but the fit was there, and anyone that had access to P14 springs should feel comfortable testing their performance in a P227.

I may reinvest in this endeavor again in the future. Sig used to make a phenomenal pistol.


Any idea if the p227 mags will work in a p320?


I doubt it
The magazine release cuts are in a diffrent place


That sucks


The base pads are different, but the rest of the magazine is the same. A dremmel and a steady hand can make them compatible.


I like the FN pistols. Very pointable and a good grip angle.

Awww those 15rds are so cute. :wink: (just messin’ with you brother)


18rds without extension for the win!


Yeah but that’s a 9mm not a 45acp. J/k I know what you meant.

Have you shot it yet?


Haha, I know. Just being a jackass on purpose.

I do wish these came in .45 ACP though.

Just picked it up 2 hrs ago! So no. Probably next week. :cowboy_hat_face:


I love my FNX 45 Tactical. solid and soft recoil.