Fobus Holster review

When I purchased my first Glock pistol, I wanted / needed a holster. The Fobus was a brand I had seen marketed a lot and the fact that Israel used and made them was a key decision point in my purchase. With an un-tucked shirt, this holster kept my Glocks well concealed. Here is what I learned about that holster


Whats this, an honest review?

Recently I could not remember why I quit using it, so I put it on my hip once again. Now I remember the issues. I honestly did not wear it too long.

Well that’s just crazy :grin:


I have several of these holsters. The work well for me. 1911 and G19/G17 mostly. We sold them in the gun shop. If you put the pistol about half way in the holster and leave it a few days the retention is a bit less and easier to draw.