Go to your local grocery store to the bakery dept. ask for buckets. They have buckets of all sizes that have icing and food stuff in them, and when their empty they throw them away. I get them all the time for free with the lids.


Man, and people call me cheap!

In all seriousness, that’s a great idea / outstanding advice. :+1:


A triangle on the bottom with the number 2 in it means food grade.
Those free buckets are not easy to clean out. Thats why we went with new.


My grocery store must clean the buckets out, the only thing I noticed was the ones that had vanilla icing in them, you could smell the vanilla still.


and always will be able to. Icing and pickle buckets you dont get the small out.


Dry canning.
Thank Darleen she turned us on to it


Basic vulnerability of the ‘just in time’ supply chain system that various industries have switched to. Everything’s fine until there is a sudden increase in demand, or a failure in the supply chain, and whichever one of those you get first, it will trigger the other.

This year was a series of those events, starting with China locking down much of their industry, resulting in various shortages here, followed by panic buying, then various things were shut down here…

The left has been working themselves up to not accept an election outcome involving a Trump win. If Trump wins, republicans keep the Senate, and the House flips to republican majority, the extreme left will probably be screaming fraud and ramping up the ‘civil unrest’ that they have already been causing. This will cause more supply chain disruptions, as the trucks can’t roll when you have idiots blocking the interstates (well, can’t roll unless you tell the drivers they can run over obstructions).

They’ve made it clear that they believe they can shut the country down and force the rest of us to let them have what they want. It would be foolish to not expect them to try.