Footer Ads


Hello FULL30

Today I placed a footer ad in place to test potential ad placement.

Its at the bottom of the page and only visible on desktops,
Mobil views may or may not happen.

Please feel free to comment.


Honestly, I’m surprised it took this long to get ads on the forum. I feel as if it may start getting more attention than the video section.


This should resize for different resolutions ,

for the mobil users this is what is on a desktop, but is not seen if there are more posts/threads above it unless scrolled down to.


Agreed. Not sure why it took this long.

Glad Full30 is growing!


There are no plug and play firearm ads, Google, No, Amazon, well we could host there camping gear and related, but , we need to boost our own people up :sunglasses:

bigger screen :+1:


Right on!! Grow baby grow!!




Now when is full30 going to hire swimsuit models and do a gun calender? :laughing:


One of our members is connected to an awesome band and I asked if he could ask about a heavy riff FULL30 song…


That would be pretty awesome.


Oh, lol I actually noticed it earlier now that I think about it but at the same time it didn’t register as being odd or anything. Pretty subtle for how large it is. Seems good to me.


Thanks, part of the idea is that space can be used for three equally sized and independent ads.

Today is just a test, I’ve had one report of a tablet issue so it needs work and is planned later today to be addressed.


I just switched over to desktop view, it looks good. Not getting anything on the mobil view though.


Looks good to me.


Robert, the ad space is a really good utilization of space, especially when it was mostly blank.


I like it. I wouldn’t mind along the edges either for desktop. Don’t know if that would work for mobile since that is a smaller screen.


Looks nice and tight!

this is the view from an S7 tablet👍


Thank you, I agree

but you have some reading to do I see :wink:


Mobil should be working now

Any Android and Iphone users have screenshots to post?


Yeah, makes sense to remove it for now, Thank you!