For those who say AR15s are unreliable


AR or AK
AR or AK
For those who say AKs are unreliable...
Back up parts for your on the go rifle!

Even The AK Operators Union likes AR15s…kind of. They did not have the same luck with Radical Arms AR15, it failed miserably. The AKOU killed that AR doing these types of tests on it. They have also killed several AKs with the same test.



AR’s are more reliable than AK guys want to admit and AK’s are more accurate than AR guy’s want to admit…both have pro’s and cons…both will serve you well…


Ive posted these about a dozen times already and I will probably post them a dozen more in the future.

This BCM (non CHF barrel) went 40k with minimal problems and next to no cleaning, just lube.

This is a discussion on high round count AR15s at a full auto gun range in LV.


I agree. To be fair, The AR15 is more accurate and the AK is more durable but its not like either is unusable for its intended purpose.


This topic gets beat to death

The majority of users in this forum ar AR guys and that’s fine
Ak users are a pessimistic group and a lot of them myself included would never own a stoner gun
Rob ski is in the military and uses stoner guns on a day to day basis
He wouldn’t choose one over a Ak though

But like I said it’s apples and oranges
There will always be the argument this one is better than that one


FAL = :watermelon:


G3 = :pear:


They even argue about that here lol
Oh the AR 10 is better lol



It’s all about knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your chosen rifles, and accepting when one firearm has a tangible and specific benefit over another. IE there is no perfect firearm. At least not until we get shoulder-mounted laser sharks.


Finally some one gets it!!!



I watched this video like a week or two ago
It was pretty revealing but I’m a ak guy


^ This. It’s the 1911 vs glock or Ford vs Chevy all over again.

It’s why I own a Star BM, Dodge Charger and a PS90. (*forgetting I own an AR for the moment)





Case is better


First vehicle I ever drove. 6 years old.


Nobody throwing John Deere in?