For those who say AR15s are unreliable


Contribute to his cause
Honestly I buy as much as I can from him
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You tube deminitized his channel and that hurt them a lot he does great tourture tests
But ammo isn’t cheap standard is the 5k round test


People who say the AR15 is unreliable don’t know much about the firearm.

I have seen many AR’s fail in my life and almost all of them were someone else’s. Of those I’ve witness failing, the vast majority were home builds and not factory rifles.

If you want a rifle for defensive purposes, I highly recommend buying a complete rifle from a reputable manufacturer. These days I choose BCM.

Put the accessories you want on the base factory rifle and call it a day. For me it’s a good RDS, some head shielding and hand stop, a good weapons light, back-up sights and a sling.


Have you done any videos on how you set up an AR?


I haven’t done a video on how to setup an AR15 mostly because that’s something of an instructional video and I try to avoid those. I’m not qualified to be telling folks what they should and shouldn’t be doing with their firearms.

I can tell you how I have my defensive rifles setup as I generally use the same setup, where I can, across the board.

RDS: Aimpoint T1/T2 Micro (just got a Comp M5 I’m trying out) or a Trijicon MRO.
Mount: usually a Midwest Industries QD mount.
Light: InForce WML (400 lumens)
Sling: Savvy Sniper
Iron Sights: Griffin Armament folding sights.


^ This is a great point.

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Me too. Lots of stuff. I just wish more of it was in stock. It can’t be easy to run all that stuff.


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I dont do AKs or I would probably buy stuff from him.


When I built my AR I had my LGS head space it and check the torque on the barrel nut. Both checked fine and since then I have built 4 more that checked fine.

My first and my favorite and most accurate. Brand new pull off DPMS lower that I swapped the trigger for a Black Rain(not a huge fan of their mounting setup on that version of the trigger but that was 4 years ago). No name(pulled form a name brand production line before any markings added) slick side upper that was a group buy of 100. Del Ton upper internals, DEZ Arms match grade barrel(1:9), Midwest Industries free float hand gaurd, forget who the gas block came from… probably DPMS pull(my LGS was using DPMS as a base for custom builds until their branded parts were ready).

Sub MOA accuracy with hand loads, my best shot to date 550 yards on a prairie dog.

Been reliable… clean it every 500 rounds or so!

Forgot to add! Just over 7 pounds with scope and rings(Nikon P223 rings and an AR Optics 3-9x40)


Vepr in 54r!


You really should know the weapon of your enemy well.
Why we have both AK+AR




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