Forgotten Gunfighters: The Pleasant Valley War

The story of the Pleasant Valley War and Commodore Owens shootout in Holbrook, Arizona. A bloodier feud than the Hatfield McCoy feud.Over 50 men were killed and it that has been virtually erased from history.


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"The Pleasant Valley War was the longest and bloodiest range war in American History. Also known as the Graham-Tewskbury Feud, it was as bloodthirsty as it was gruesome. Yet even now, more than a century later, the truth behind the events — and even some of the events themselves — remains shrouded in secrecy.

Pleasant Valley was renamed Young, Arizona in 1890. Some say it was because Arizona already had two other Pleasant Valleys at the time; others say it was renamed to help shed the image of being a lawless hostile place to live.

One of the first gun battles of that war took place two miles south of Q Ranch, at the Middleton Ranch. On Aug. 9, 1887 a faction of the Tewksburys was visiting the Middleton cabin when the Grahams rode up asking for food. The Tewksburys’ response was “This is not a boarding house” … and the shooting began. Hamp Blevins and John Payne were killed in this incident. A day later, Al Rose, a compatriot of then Q Ranch owner Jesse Ellison, burned down the cabin. All that’s left today is a stone fireplace, the log remains of two outbuildings and a memorial to Blevins and Payne."

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Thank You, I don’t know how I missed this until now. I love this old stuff and watched the whole thing, added it to my library: :beers: