Former Navy SEAL Shawn Ryan from Vigilance Elite needs an Invite


Hello everyone,

I’m Shawn Ryan from Vigilance Elite, a former Navy SEAL and CIA contractor. I run a tactical trainging company and post weekly content on youtube. After all the unfortunate buzz about YouTube denying us our rights to inform viewers about anything gun related, Facebook denied me a promotion today as well, it was nothing outlandish, just trying to promote my actual page. The left is destroying this industry. I’d like to start posting my videos on here and help this site become the biggest gun enthusiets site in the world.

I’m not sure who has to invite me to enable me to post my content here but I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone can provide me with.

Check out my media platforms @vigilanceelite and @shawnryan762 Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc… If you think I could bring value to this site then please invite me.

Be safe everyone and I hope to be posting here very soon.

Thank you,

Shawn Ryan


A lot of people need invites. Hopefully full 30 will open up and allow us all to post video. Untill then good luck and thank you.


Good luck Shawn… Your channel and content is amazing… I’ve watched your videos over and over…


Thanks for responding.


I appreciate you watching and thank you for the compliment. Trying to find a new platform is not easy.