Forum Controls Question


Is there a way to mute or block a user in the forum discussions? For example, there is a troll who is overwhelming a conversation with non-sense or off topic replies so that no one wants to add anything useful or informative to the conversation. So I would like to mute or block this person from my view of the conversation.


I’m curious about this as well.


Hey guys if I fed that troll a little I do apologise! Annoying yeah?


Sorry changed my mind not annoying,obnoxious!And cocksure😣


I have learned I’m much happier when I don’t even look at known trolls posts. It’s not like they are trying to be stealthy about it. But it would be much easier to not have to scroll past bazillion posts.

Redlemur it’s easier on you if you don’t even respond. It’s just like shooting, the more you practice the easier it gets. :slight_smile:


Yup good advise,at first seemed like someone just confused but soon realized, this bugger lives under a bridge!youngun with to much time ,and there’s so much crap and fake news on the net I can see how it’s confuseing. But the one who shall remain nameless is a bully and a twit , an it don’t set well,but yeah​:no_mouth::no_mouth::no_mouth: