Forum etiquette


I understand that there are rules to follow when partaking in this site, but I wanted to create this topic because a lot of people will not take the time to read the rules and regulations of this site. I joined here because of the common factor we all have, the enthusiasm of firearms, learn, network, and build friendships. Other sites can be just bloody harsh, judgmental, and almost act as a syndicate. Now by no means have some fun, and may get a little butt hurt but downright arses shouldn’t be tolerated. Hope this sits well in the community and doesn’t change as the site grows…cheers!


This is a big problem in a lot of forums. Some people so badly want to stay in high school, that they try to make every situation and encounter a memory of it.


@ZEKESHOOTS I deleted my account there…


One thing I like about this forum. Is that there seem to be adults here. Glad you made your way here.


Im curious where this came from? Did something go down that I missed? I have a hard time keeping up with alot of it , tbh.


@ZEKESHOOTS me too…cheers!


Unless you go in the “vs” threads…those are shenanigan threads


@jf89…just some wanker on another site, I deleted my account!!


Eeeh, arguable😂


@Robert and @jf89 are big, stupid, doodie-heads. And they smell like farts. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

“Adults” like that?



Aaaaaaagh, adulthood!


Just out of curiosity, Can I start directing people to this forum through my channel?..




I’ll start posting on my next video…


Hey @Robert. This sounds like a post for somebody that “will not be missed”… LOL




My guess, just a guess, this came about from @Maddogkiller 's intro thread and the subsequent meme’s/comments

perhaps Buck can start over, tell us the firearms he likes, where he shots etc

and in turn we (I) can all post smaller meme’s?


@Robert…this happened on another site, just brutal.