Forum Moderator Introduction


Hi Full30,

I just wanted to quickly introduce myself.

My name is Tom.

I recently joined the Full30 team to help moderate the forums. You’ll be seeing a lot of me from now on.

I am here to serve all of you. I will be getting through all the threads (in every forum) as fast as humanly possible.

However, in the meantime if you have a burning question, that simply can’t wait, please feel free to email me:

I appreciate your time.

Looking forward to chatting with you all soon.

Thank you


Welcome. You’ve got quite a bit of reading to do. :slight_smile:


Haha, just happy to help.


As opposed to utter troll sites such as TFB this board has been surprisingly friendly and respectful since day one. Not much to moderate, if anything. Nothing but good folks here, we’re definitely the adults among the online gun community. I sincerely hope none of the TFB douche bags discover our quiet little spot on the interwebs.


I could do without the conspiracy theories .


Howdy tom :grin: welcome ,greetings and salutations!


Or at the least make a news/politics sub forum for those dozens of news links only topics and conspiracy/political topics to clean up the general topics forum.


Haha, I appreciate all the greetings and salutations.

To kick things off right, here’s a virtual high-five:


Hey Mister_Torgue,

The sub forum for news and politics is something we are already working on. This has been a hotly request item lately.


keep it a gun site…if people want to rehash history there are many other sites for that…


I agree with having a separate area for politics. If you don’t have one, you will see spillover in the other areas anytime something hits the news. I’ve been a member of Arfcom since like 2005. They have a forum section for everything.

Welcome Tom…I’m glad they got someone on board for this.


Thanks for the welcome.

Having a separate area for politics, like you said, prevents unnecessary spill over to other areas of the forum.


Why have it in the first place? There already are tons of gun sites with sub forums for politics and what have you not in existence, so are political discussion web sites and sites that cater to the Alt Right crowd. I think being unique and separated from the pack is what would make a good gun web site stand out in the market. Be unique, not more of the same.


I agree, there’s one person in particular whom desires to be a junior reporter with an overabundance crackpot subjects that would be better suited in an atmosphere elsewhere! I come here to read and learn on firearms and Firearms related news. Not propaganda and crazy tinfoil-hat crap!


Duly noted, but that’s not the vibe we’re going for here.



We’re taking (direct) action towards ensuring the conversation here remains productive and of a certain quality.

Anything less won’t be tolerated.


Hear hear! Fire arms content only and no mindless Alt Right babbling or spamming the entire board.


Welcome! As you know I need 20 letters. One of my favorite things here is I can keep up without spending enless hours on line.


mmmm. no, in fact

at least until you catch up on the mods attendance