Forums..How Are They Looking?


Hi everyone,

I noticed that the amount of flags in my inbox has dropped from 50+ per day, to about 4.

This makes me think that the forums are feeling better.

However, since I don’t spend as much time on the ground as some of you all, I was just wondering what your opinion is.

Are the forums:

  • Looking better/ feeling better?

  • Looking about the same?

  • Or, nothing has changed and there is still a lot of work to do?

I appreciate the feedback.

Have a great day.

Thank you.


I’ve noticed a huge drop in bot posts, and that’s great. The real issue now is going to get more people involved and talking.


I’ll give a amen to what @Tactical_Reviews said here. Much cleaner here without bots. Just need more participation. Seems there are over 2000 users but only a dozen or so that are consistently active.


That’s common on forums. You get a few very active members, and they help drive more conversations. Like I said in another post, answer every question, even if it’s I’ll see what I can find. Finish off with a question to keep them talking. Never link to another forum, do a copy paste and put the answer here.


That’s what happens when you’re too good at your job.


The forums are in good shape at the moment. We got a few more members this week asking good valid questions, and they have been getting good feedback.


Here’s part of the list of people I invited. You can see clear active users. These are the ones we want to engage with and keep them coming back.


Sweet! Good work Brother!


LOL, I’m going in to withdrawal already. This might be the day of 100 podcasts. I just found out that my podcasts still post to twitter, even though I can’t post.


Looking a lot better!
I’m a member on a few other boards but rarely post anything due to the nature of some of the individuals on them. Probably posted more here in a week than I have in a couple of years on the other boards. So far, I’ve found the members here to be exceptional people, with a lot of class, and really appreciate the open discussions, and lack of bashing on the newer, and more inexperienced shooters who have valid questions. We all started somewhere, and we all have different experiences. Good to come to a place where you can learn, share, and discuss things 2A related without all the 3rd grade drama (mostly). Keep up the good work!


So happy the bots are finally gone.


I guess bot lives dont matter…


Someone should create topic how to’s on spotting troll bot spammers!
Kinda like hunting ,man bear pig? Sohow pissed are ya?:grin:


No thread is complete without a man bear pig reference.


Find it difficult to understand that kind of misguided
Like off the loop but yup quiet…almost to quiet!


I’m very new here. I’m going to be honest. I stopped coming to the forum shortly after I started because the most active users seemed to be the trolls. So I was very excited to see this weeks forum update in my email. Thank you for having to patience to weed through all that so we would have more time to actually converse.



How do you know when it is a bot? I can sometimes guess a troll, but would like your advice on both (or either) of them.

Thank you.


Thank you very much, Robert.

Well, I sure am not a bot, or troll, either!


I might be a bot, A bot that has came from the future to kill young John Connor.


The best forum ever :+1: