Fostech Echo Trigger

So just installed my echo yesterday and had a chance to put about 6 mags through it. Wondering if there’s some sort of “break in” period for the system to run smoothly? Had to do a fair bit of polishing/bur removal as the finish quality of individual pieces was less than desirable. Seems that it’s very easy for me to not get a fire on the release when in echo mode. This is fixed when I make a conscious effort to do a “full” pull. Just wondering if this is a shooter problem where it takes time getting used to the system and me needing to man up on my trigger pull or a non-typical issue with the echo system itself?

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By the way… when I say “less than desirable” I mean the trigger did not function properly at all until said polishing was done. And yes it was installed properly each time w/ correct bcg.

By any chance, is your trigger looking like this after using it? I’ve put about 1200 rounds through it and it is beat to hell…

Not at the moment but I’ve only put 300rds through it.

I have about 2k through mine, I’ll have to post a pic…

Interested to see if this is just a one off or not. Have you contacted the CS yet?