Franklin Armory Spanks ThisOldGun with the BAN HAMMER 🔨


I’m sure many of you heard about the kerfuffle between Franklin Armory and InRange TV at SHOT2019 this year. They had the audacity to question the ballitical advantage of their barrel vs a traditionally rifled bore last year and posted video/audio of their conversation.

Well, if you even ask about it, you’re banned from making comments on their Facebook (yuck) page. One day they are flooded with comments, the next day, they were all gone. I decided to test this by posting what I thought was a fairly straightforward and respectful question.

That was immediately deleted. So, I responded to their post addressing the subject of InRange. I was a little annoyed, but I didn’t say anything too outlandish.


They put out what was in some people’s opinion a poor product that had production problems and rightly so journalists had questions. At first I wanted to handle their rifle they put out at SHOT last year but it took forever and I never saw one in the wild. Now this on their latest venture.

Buyer beware.


Disgusting, all this, the hypocrisy between so called gun enthusiasts included,

I’ve been removed from other firearms platforms just for representing Full30

and this?

Fucking hypocrites Ive seen better behavior with children, or drug addicts.



I think I was pretty nice. Most comments from other users were simply asking to let InRange preview the product. All deleted.


I don’t know the issue you mentioned and I’ve bought BFS II & III triggers, they seemed sound to me, I do get frustrated by politics & related thats for sure, seems like too many drama lama’s being raised in this nation these days.


Yeah, politics got me riled up. I’m sure I’ve ticked off at least one member of the Forum this morning on another post. I just couldn’t keep my big ole’ mouth shut.


Don’t worry about others’ feelings mate. Post what you want. :+1:

As for what happened this sort of thing is seemingly more common now for most companies. That’s why they hire social media employees…


Franklin Armory’s legal and engineering departments are quite impressive. They are designing some REALLy creative stuff and very interesting stuff in how they get through legal loopholes.

But whoever manages their marketing department really needs to re-think their strategies. They don’t seem to understand the Streisand Effect and they don’t understand the damage they’re doing to their brand.


Seems like they have thin skin.


Fixed it for you.


That works for me😂


Well, one product they are trying to sell is particularly good. I would say “so long, assholes”

Is this too rude?


I had to check my list of companies I’ve dealt with over the years, and looks like Franklin isn’t on my list. I’m sure I’ve contacted them, but never got a reply. It’s sad that they’re handling it like this. Word spreads fast in the gun community, must more so when companies do something like this.


I’ve bought one of their products but no more for me. I just don’t understand why they would shoot themselves in the foot like this.


That was nicer way to express my distaste. Thanks