Fratelli tanfoglio

Back in the early1980’s I was on my way fishing with a buddy, stopping at my local bait shop for some minnows I saw a smoking hot, drop dead gorgeous… pistol. I ended up dropping the bread and came out with some jumbos and a Fratelli Tanfoglio TA90 by my side. I’ve put thousands of rounds in her and she’s never let me down. The most accurate pistol I own by far, beats out my glocksl and 1911’s and such.The only thing is, I have only one magazine and have been unsuccessful in finding another. Its a double stack, 9mm 17 round mag. If I could find a couple more mags for this beauty it would be great. Any ideas ya’ll?


offhand try CZ75


Thanks @srdiver I appreciate it. I’ll check em out.


Right on the mark @srdiver , I gave buds gun a call and the CZ75 mags will work with the tanfoglio TA90 and I now have several on the way. I appreciate it.