Freedom, Firearms, and Facial hair


That pretty much sums it up. With the exception of sandwiches. I love sandwiches too but that doesn’t start with F.

I guess I could have said food…


Levi! Welcome to the party! Alex is here (@TacticalUnicorn1776) and so is Zee (@TacticoolSasquatch1776) .Even got Trav (@tkno1). When you gonna quick screwing around on the Left Coast and come back to us? We miss you. :kissing_heart:


Welcome @captainbeard


We’ll be back soon enough. Gotta get away from these lib turds and their gun laws.


Ole McTaxster said we would secede before bowing to any crazy gun control stuff. So, I think we’re gonna be okay back at home. I mean, we’ve done it before. :rofl: Hopefully, we’ll get a channel on here one day (because, god knows, YouTube sure is a waste of a platform for gun stuff). then, you can get in on all the fun we have planned for videos, too. Got a bunch of new bourbons and such for you to try, as well. 2019 is gonna be a good year. :+1::+1::+1:


Welcome to the forum, Levi!!!:partying_face:


I’ve got to invite myself over when this happens. I can bring bourbon. :+1:
Welcome to the forum @captainbeard


Spilled any chili lately?!?


Welcome to Full30! Glad you joined us!


Welcome to the forum @captainbeard. I hope you find a new home here.


Hahhahahaa you will fit in






Welcome to the forum!


Welcome to the forum @captainbeard. What’s your favorite sandwich?


Hmm, that’s like asking which of my children is my favorite so I’m going to play it safe and say I love them all the same as long as they have meat. Of course I’m a big fan of any sandwich that my fiance brings me naked. Also calzones, they are like Italian sandwiches.



I get fuzzy after Labor Day but by Memorial Day I am ready not too have a beard through the summer. So, like my dog, I sport a “winter coat”.


Tacos are Mexican sandwiches.:taco: Do they count? I’ve seen you struggle eating a hotdog. :hotdog: So, maybe a taco is a bad idea. Hotdogs are, basically, sandwiches, as well. So, now, your entire “sandwich aficionado” claim is in question. DO YOU EVEN KNOW HOW TO SANDWICH? WHO DO YOU WORK FOR? NOTHING MAKES SENSE, ANYMORE! :tinfoil::infowars::alien::lizard:


First of all hotdogs are not the problem, it’s chili when I’m drunk. Now, about this so called conspiracy…:zipper_mouth_face:


You’re not the only one…