Freedom of speech... and wokeness

Hello all.

Story time.

A couple of months ago in a State called California, a man working remotely for a game development company that makes First Person Shooter games was called into the main office for a 3-day summit.

This company, having picked a lane, has been conducting tons of seminars and training on Diversity and Inclusion, and this man has attended all the required training in the past.

The man in question, having immigrated into this great nation really appreciates and believes strongly in our rights and supports them all, especially those under attack.

Since this man buys 2nd amendment related shirts almost exclusively he had shown up to the first day of the summit wearing this shirt.

On the second day, this man wore a shirt with a message “Since we are redefining everything, this is a cordless hole puncher”

This man couldn’t attend day 3 of the summit due to having his house A/C being replaced.

A couple of days later he got a Slack message from a person in Employee Relations asking if it was possible to meet and discuss a matter brought to their attention.

The man obviously agreed and told his wife that there are two possibilities here - one being a complaint about one of man’s direct reports that is very bad with people or the t-shirt being the second.

It was the t-shirt.

The meeting took place. And the man was asked to explain why that shirt was worn, and what the purpose/reason was, what the man was trying to say with that message. Because apparently someone got offended by it.

Another meeting was agreed to take place once the Investigation was concluded.

About a month later the second meeting takes place. This time the man meets with the original Employee Relations investigator, his boss, and another HR lady.

The man is told that while his shirt didn’t violate any of the company policies, it was found to be unprofessional and that some people felt it diverted attention from or mocked the type of diversity the company was aiming for, and the man was asked to not wear this shirt to the office again.

In the course of the meeting the man stated that all his shirts have similar messaging and jokingly asked if his boss would need to “bless” his clothing before the man could wear it to work. To the man’s surprise the answer was: “this may not be a bad idea”.

This is the CA USA where apparently one cannot express their freedom wearing a non-violent or offensive t-shirt that actually calls to support diversity to work. And because the company makes FPS games, with gore, blood, and sells microtrans weapons, the images are definitely not the issue.



I dont wear shirts with any message on them . Plain pocket t shirts . Also no stickers of any kind on my cars and truck . I preffer the gray man life style . That being said that company sounds like it should be selling something other than fps games . If they get triggered by a tshirt. I feel that kids sitting around playing those games is causing way more harm than a t shirt. Im glad I grew up without them and I banded them from my home when we had kids . My girls did sports and dance and read classic books . I feel that company violated the employees first adm. rights but under currant law they can do that on their property. I would wait for someone to wear a blm or gay rights shirt and file a complant and when they failed to do anything sue for discrimanation.


Why’d you have to go and ask?

I think this is an incorrect statment

As clearly the States Constitution declares differently

(a) Every person may freely speak, write and publish his or her sentiments on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of this right.

Quite contradictory , unless the place acknowledges it is not a professional place of employment, I say that as a professional place would have policy in place that mandate a dress code

So, this man works remotely and only wore questionable shirts to a summit, one were no dress code was required, the man is an immigrant, he loves his country and appreciates it accepts his diversity.

I’d say the man civil rights are likely a bit tattered and torn, I’d think this man would do well to file a notice and complaint with his company on the matter, perhaps seek some recourse for his emotional stress as an aggrieved party

All people are by nature free and independent and have inalienable rights. Among these are enjoying and defending life and liberty, acquiring, possessing, and protecting property, and pursuing and obtaining safety, happiness, and privacy.


I would continue to wear said shirts . And then if fired file a wrongful termination suit in court and also a suit for violation of my first amendment rights.


This man wasn’t lying when he said he almost exclusively buys and wears shirts with 2nd amendment messaging on them. He had been wearing shirts like this for years before Covid and being sent to work from home.

And thank you for the feedback.
I don’t believe this man is about to go and change his appearance, especially when the company is huge on letting people express their pride flags and similar icons whereever they want.


My "I could shit
a better president "
T shirt went over well at work except for 2 people. Boss liked it but ask me to not wear it to work again.
Since it doesn’t have a pocket that’s cool. Almost all the shirts I wear to work have pockets.


Easy fix. Buy company pocket golf shirts with the caveat that they are worn on ‘Office Days’ and other professional meetings. Managers wear them all the time. Laborers and operators are given pocket company Logo Tees. I have worked for 2 companies that did that. One even gave the laborers fluorescent green, and the operators got orange.

Both had a dress policy and it was adhered to. When I gave my notice to the second, on my last day I showed up in a Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and sandals. The boss laughed his ass off.


Had “Fort Apache” t-shirts made for our busy FD house in the bad neighborhood we worked in. They were real popular - Trooper on a horse charging with a fire hose. Yes I “borrowed” the logo from my friends over at FDNY.

Didn’t go over well with the PC shitheads in administration. AKA Desk Dicks.


Tell them you’ll trade them their desk job and right to judge your PC’ness with your job and right to wear what you want.


Wear a Trump or Desantis shirt to work next. Then just keep wearing unrelated shirts that offend liberals.


:+1::grin: Start with this one…







Live Large


I’d be a bull in a china shop at a desk job. Glad I retired in 2011.

The whole city is a black shit show anymore, Color before competence. Of course they can wear burn loot murder shirts. I worry for my son being led by the most incopetant Fire Dept administration in the city ever. I hope the shitheads PAY for killing 2 firefighters at a ship fire 3 weeks ago at one of the busiest ports on the East Coast. They received ZERO marine firefighting training from the Dept. 25 years ago we did!!!
PC caused deaths on FULL DISPLAY !!
But… d-rat corrupted “news” is hiding and denying the crimes committed by the assholes.


Wow, I thought training was supposed to progress and become more advanced, says a lot for the politics, sorry to hear the cost of that is so high :pensive:


After serving in the military again 2009-2011 one of those years in Afghanistan and seeing some of those Billions thrown away and burned on a regular daily basis I lost my want to serve any government or to volunteer or get paid for any public service. Those days are over for better or for worse. IMO I am at the point that I have no government that I respect enough to serve in any capacity, I feel there are many like me.( may be bad way to think but oh well ) The immigration crisis( self made ) is supported by both sides in D.C. and is the issue that is at the point of destroying us all, Both sides are making money and dividing it up behind closed doors while laughing at the rest of us. I see more mexicans/latin/hispanic people in my area all the time and it is worse in other places. The two firefighters mentioned above died doing what they thought was right and I have no doubt they cared, but they will be forgotten quickly by those doing damage control, I will guess they will use lack of funding as a way to cover the lack of training which lead to them being killed on duty…SHTF is all around us.rant over for now…lol


Don’t give up,

In this world we’re livin’ in, we have our share of sorrow
Answer now is don’t give in, aim for a new tomorrow

Everyone who wins in the great escape
Leaves a thousand more who suffer in their wake


First - THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE !!! Too bad this “government” uses +shits on it’s heroes now.
Second- What you stated is spot on.
Third - I won’t fight for this totally corrupted washingtoon swamp - I WILL fight for my family friends and my PATRIOT brothers like us.


We all know the, Out of sight, out of mind saying, for more years than any of us have been alive the D.C. corruption for most part operated that way, now they just know they can do it in the open and get away with it. IF biden were to be impeached, removed or resigns it would not be worse than what he has gained. Would he rather be rich or have a bad name ? In those circles they will still love him for all the riches he helped that circle gain. The Vicious Cycle is still strong and has no end.